Monday, July 26, 2010

Our weekend

We had a very nice weekend.

Saturday morning we had lunch at a local cafe/nursery/gift shop. We went there to buy some garden things. Take a look at what we got...

A sandstone birdbath for that little spot out the front.

A sandstone bench for down the bottom end of the front garden (the garden still needs to be finished off). And we also ordered matching sandstone square planter boxes for either size of the garage.

Then on Sunday when we came home from church we popped next door to say Hi to our neighbours who were all working and playing in their front yard. While we chatted. Will started walking along the path in front of their house with the girl's old little dolls carriage. Then suddenly splat, he fell over forward with his hands still holding the handle bars and his knuckles and fingers were sandwiched and scrapped between the cement path and the carriage handles. OUCH!
My poor bubby was crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrying and screeeeeeeming and shaking and when we checked his hands they were bleeding and one of his fingernails was half off and hanging by a thread.

I'm sooooooooooo not good with blood or anything and lucky our neighbour is a nurse. She cleaned up his hands and gave us some good bandages. But when we took him home, Glen had to take the remainder of his fingernail off. Talk about trauma... I was crying, Will was obviously crying and then we had to bandage it up despite his protests.


Will says please don't laugh at my bandaged finger or the fact that I was walking with a dolls carriage when the accident occurred.

My poor little man is back to his normal high spirits this morning which is good and we have a lovely day ahead.

How was your weekend, what did you get up to?

Are you good in those sort of medical 'emergencies', do you freak out a bit like me?
(I know I'm going to have to get used to it, what with having an active little boy etc - Ek!)

Have a great Monday,


  1. Poor possum...both of you! I can't claim that it gets any easier I'm sorry :) Love your garden purchases x

  2. Oh gosh, poor little Will.

    I'm a nurse too but when it's my own child I freak out a bit.

    Just yesterday BuBba was trying to walk (with a girl's pram too) and he fell forward straight on to the handle. I was so worried he may have damaged his eye but he's woken up this morning and apart from a tiny bruise, everything seems to be ok (luckily).

    I'm not sure we'll ever get used to it - I think our maternal instincts kick in and then the guilt :)


  3. Look at that sweet little face. When you are faced with an emergency when you are alone you will react differently, I always do. You will get better with time.

    A little sorry about my sweet granddaughter. Her finger got caught in a door jam when she was two. It cut the tip off at below the nail. They sewed the tip on at the ER. She went to a hand doctor and he fitted a small removable cast to her arm. For six weeks her mommy and daddy took such good care of that little finger. The tip turned black and then fell off.....and low and BEHOLD she had grown a new tip and fingernail. You can't tell at all. I hope this didn't gross you out but isn't this amazing. Hope the little guy heals very fast. It's okay that he was pushing a baby buggy, he'll be a good daddy someday.

  4. Oh, poor Will, and poor you! As the mum of three, I can tell you there's likely to be lots more blood and tears to come, sorry! Oh, and tell Will not to worry about his love of prams, I ended up buying my son his own so that he stopped stealing his older sister's. That same son is now a 16 year old, rugby playing 'bloke' so no need to worry. Hope the week gets better for you, and btw, love the new garden furniture! K xx

  5. Poor little fellow, its awful when they hurt themselves. I am glad that so far when my little ones have hurt themselves badly it has been on the weekend when my husband is home to help!

  6. poor little man :( i hate when they hurt themselves too.
    trust me things don't get any better you just get stronger, the emergency on call know me by my name now LOL,as you know i have 3 boys who have accidents all the time..i still cry when i see them cry but i can handle blood now..give him a big hug from me and hope his finger gets better soon xxx

  7. What a tough little man you have! Doesn't look like he's too worried about it cute holding his bottle! He will never go near a dolls' pram again, poor little guy! Love your sandstone features. I love nothing more than watching birds in the bird bath and they look so elegant in the garden. The birds are especially keen to use the bath if is not too deep (I put a large stone inthe middle of mine like a little island for them to step onto).
    Hope Will is back to his usual, happy self today.
    X Briohny.

  8. Oh I can feel your pain as well as his....I love how a bottle fixes tings though...
    We have had a few good stacks like this at our house and believe it or not at the age of 2 I can still help him calm down with a little bit of warm milk in a bottle.....
    There will be alot more of that to come.....
    Love the new additions to your yard...lovely to sit and admire in your garden.

  9. Oh, I hope he is feeling better today! Kisses. Emma.

  10. Glad to hear that Will is feeling better, poor thing! It gets easier and you will cope with the blood if you have to, you may collapse afterwards though ; )
    You purchases are lovely and the paint on the steps looks really great, are you still loving it?

  11. Oh, poor Will, how scary for him! Glad to see he's looking cheerier now :)

  12. Poor little man..they seem to get over things quickly though dont they? I think as a Mum its more upsetting when its your own thats hurt. Love your purchases and the photo shows off your freshly painted steps - looks great.
    Have a good week
    Rebecca x

  13. Oh the poor thing, its horrible when they hurt themselves. I was a bit like you, I used freak out,lately though Ive noticed that Ive become much more calm and efficient in emergency's so maybe it does get easier. xx

  14. So hard not to freak out when it's your baby! I stay calm on the outside for their sake but internally I'm hysterical! Big kiss for Will from me..Rachaelxx

  15. Oh poor little diddums!!! I would have cried too seeing him cry :( Poor love, hope he's feeling better and that you've recovered too x

  16. OMG, I would quite possibly have fainted at the sight of all that blood, me thinks.... but yes, you might have to get used to it having a boy and all. Although my daughter does seem awfully accident prone as well. I have Barbie bandaids on standby for such occurrences... they seem to work a treat!! xo

  17. Thank heavens for some magic bandages. Poor little man! Great garden purchases by the way.

  18. Poor little Will, lucky he is still smiling. Great garden purchases Janette. Have a nice week. :-)


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