Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I'm loving today...

I am loving Real Living's July issue, came out on Monday and it's one of those issues that you devour every page.

And don't you just love the cover? Very striking and mod but also relaxed and chic. It was styled by the super lovely Marie Nichols who I have blogged about before here and shot by my old colleague (I worked on RL as advertising designer/art director before having Will) Chris Warnes.

Here's a peek at some of the mag...

YUMMO... (get the recipe for these beauties here)

Loving that grey wall behind the bed!!!

So yes, if you haven't got yourself a copy yet then go and do yourself a favour :) hehehe.

Oh and William said to say thank you for all the lovely comments about him yesterday and that he agrees, he should be on higher wages and that he is now getting around with sunnies on his head 24/7 so as to maintain that professional look :)

Have a lovely Wednesday,


  1. I'm with you all the way with this Janette.
    RL Next Issue date is always in my calendar [probably should think about subscribing] and this issue was jam-packed with goodness.
    I'm loving the article about Tina Clark's contemporary beachside home and am still poring [?] over the pages about Marie Nichol's place.
    Kudos to Deb and her team for another great issue and thank you J for sharing the love in your post today,


  2. You have convinced me, I will go and buy the magazine so I can have some reading material this weekend! Have a great day Janette. xx

  3. Hi Janette, I sat down with my RL copy last night and agree that it's one of those 'love everything on every page' issues. Can't wait to sit down with a cuppa today and flick through more. I am in love with the table on the cover - I'd love one in white. Enjoy your day x

  4. I agree! Loved the cover. Real Living is great, the ideas seem so attainable.:)
    Have a lovely day with the cutest assistant ever!! xx

  5. I'll have to grab a copy, it looks great..If Will likes the sunglasses permanently on head thing, he can style himself on the look of Alex Perry - I don't think I've ever seen that chic man without them! Rachaelxx

  6. My copy came in the mail the other day but I haven't had a chance to read it yet! I love's so...real! I didn't know you worked there. My daughter is the photo editor/features assistant at Cleo...she loves it!

  7. Thanks for the heads up Janette, I somehow managed to miss this on Monday - how could that happen? I blame it on my newsagent, they're sometimes a bit slow to get the new mags on the shelves - don't they know I've been hanging out for weeks? Very inconsiderate! Off now to pick up a copy. K xx

  8. Husband is in Australia today (Melb for the day if you can believe it - seven hours of flying for one meeting) so RL should be coming back with him along with Home Beautiful and Inside Out and Vogue Living. I'll be on mag overload for the next few days!

  9. isn't it great......on your last pic i really want the mustard throw from elk i think love it.....

  10. i can't wait i going now to buy one...the only magazine i cant live without.. love it and thanks for the great info:) XX


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