Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Print for My Sweet Prints

It's been a busy few days, with a new design I'm about to launched called 'Apple of our Eye'.
Here it is, take a look...

Green Apple version

Red Apple Version

I wanted to create another modern, simple design and I think this would look very cute in a nursery or young child's room. Especially with the Woodland, Tree, Apple, themes that are becoming very popular in children's decor and design at the moment.

What do you think???

Now available for purchase via:
etsy or madeit

And I have to tell you, it's just lucky I have my little assistant to help me out when I'm busy. Take a look at William hard at work...

Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Those are some cutie pictures. Love them..I love hearing about woman who start their own business's or start small and move up, so scary. Thank you for your kind comments. And those hubbies are great-Im a lucky girl for sure...
    Glad to be a follower of yours.
    Ill be back to check out more of your work.

  2. Morning lovely! Gorgeous new print Janette - I think an 'Apple' theme would be so sweet for a nursery. Will is just too cute - love the captions, made me laugh. He looks like a real little character :)

  3. Love the new print Janette - you are a clever one, aren't you? Oh, and that assistant of yours deserves a pay rise - super efficient, and all the while looking absolutely gorgeous! Good help is hard to find, but it looks like you've chosen well. Too cute! K xx

  4. That is a beautiful new print Janette. And I think William is a style icon as well as a tycoon in the making. Get him while his rates are cheap I think!

  5. new images are great i love it Janette and i see you have a busy assistant helping you,I'm sure you will be fine launching your new designs lol ..love it!! his so cute sending Will a big kiss from me XXX

  6. the print is so cute....and your little one is doubly cute....such a great age xox

  7. How cute is Will!!! Those pics just make you smile Janette! Gorgeous:) I LOVE your new print! Well done you clever lady! Hope you and Will have a fabulous day ~ Tina xx

  8. The new design is fantastic Janette and your assistant is just too cute! Great work. xx

  9. Another lovely new print... I'll have to have another baby.... perhaps not! But it is divine. Have I told you many times before how clever I think you are???

  10. Love the print and, yes, sunglasses are so muchj more professional!!

  11. Absolutely love the new print Janette! You most certainly should add that to your already fabulous collection. For some reason I am always drawn to things that have an apple on them whether is be stationery, clothing for Harper or Apple Macs!

    As usual Will looks too cute! Does he wear his sunglasses at night?!

    illy the cuddly xo

  12. Very cute pics! Oh and yes, the print is really sweet too!! :)

  13. The prints are really great, I think they will be very popular... William is adorable, what a great little P.A he is..
    :) Flick

  14. Bless, bless, bless his little cotton socks! He's such a sweetie. You might want to reasses his remuneration package though as he clearly looks the part and might be snapped up fairly quickly. Has he mentioned a car yet? ;-)

    Love your apple print, it's very classic and touching! (trying not to say sweet again!)


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx