Monday, June 28, 2010


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I am a little bit stiff today but not as bad as I thought I'd be.
You see G and I went for a run yesterday evening while bubba was still at his 'sleepover' and I managed to keep up with G quite well. We did about 3kms (which is not that far but pretty good as I haven't run in months).

I hope to pick up my fitness a bit more now and we managed to get a 1yr old, three wheeler jogging pram on eBay for $36 which G collected on Saturday - bargain right!

I'm thinking of trying to cut out coffee as well... we'll see if that lasts longer than a day :)

It will be great if I can get my fitness up and get a bit more trim and toned ready for a little holiday we've booked for a couple of months time which will require swimwear attire (oh bugger).

Anyway, have a lovely day everyone and thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday!

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  1. Ah , the dreaded swimmers!!! I will embark on this running expedition with you, blogging has turned me into a couch potato!!! Your on your own with the coffee tho, Im just not ready for that sarifice!!!

  2. Oh gee, now I feel lazy!! I do try to avoid bathers at all costs but have had my moments where I like to walk everyday. Bit cold at the moment so I might wait a couple more months before I get back into the walking. I know, slack huh?
    The holiday sounds very nice :)

  3. Good luck Janette! I am so impressed that you could just pick up and run three klms just like that! I am not a runner at all and I would die after running a block! xx

  4. Oh my goodness, you're so good Janette. I don't do any excercise, although I should and am starting to think about it...

    Endorphins feel awesome and you have so much energy afterwards - why can't I remember this?!

    Congrats on the pram, eBay's so great for finds. Hope you had a lovely weekend and some restful 'me time' too.

  5. Hi Janette, you will probably feel it more tomorrow - ouch! Good on you for getting fit, I do a little bit of pilates which keeps the old joints moving! We also have a holiday in the near future and the thought of the bathing suit is a little daunting....

  6. Good on you Janette! Every Monday I tell myself that this is the start of my new exercise regime, hmmmm:) Summer & swimwear are great motivators! xx

  7. I'm definitely not fit at the moment and I'd be half dead if I tried running 3 km's - I'd have to stop lots of times I'm sure. Paul has been onto me about trying to improve my fitness, especially with the history of heart problems in my family so I'm trying to find an option that works for me... That jogger was a bargain - will be great so Will can join you in your new fitness regime :)

  8. There is nothing quite like the dreaded thought of having to get into my togs to spur me into some brisk exercise - but the holiday sounds like great motivation. I'd really have to be desperate to think about giving up my coffee though!

  9. That is awesome Janette! Good on you for taking that first step to get back into running. Excellent that you now have a jogging pram, and what a bargain! You have inspired me my friend...but not sure I could give up my one coffee a day though. I can't wait to hear more about your upcoming holiday!!~ Tina xx

  10. Well done on the jogging. In my mind I am a great I have managed the coffee thing. I only drink decaf. I accidentally had a real coffee today and thought I was going to combust!

  11. Hi Janette, good on you! Nice work.. 3 km's is a decent run for anyone, I really need to get back into it, silly injuries are a great excuse though! That pram is a bargain, that will make it heaps easier...
    :) Flick

  12. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be ready for that swimsuit in no time.

  13. Good luck with your fitness Janette, It is a big committment to make to yourself however a very worthy one. Keep it up and don't lose faith in yourself when it gets tough you can do it!! Can't wait to hear more about your holiday, sounds like fun.


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