Thursday, June 10, 2010


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I think we all have a love/hate relationship with technology at times don't you think?

Being a Mac user it's mostly a LOVE thing for me, (did you hear that Apple? wanna give me an iPad?) but today, grrrrrrrrr, I'm trying to set up a new email account and link it to my new domain name and server and it's asking me for my CNAME records and DNS Management page and all this gobbledy gook I have no clue about!!!

Ahhhhhh.... so I just had to share that I'm having a more HATE technology type of day today.

So yes, if you hear frustrated screams coming from a little white house somewhere in Sydney then you'll know it's me :)

I hope you're day is filled with technology LOVE and happiness,

P.S. just had to say I just love reading everyone's comments, like yesterdays 50's vs 80's vs 60's and Kerry's comment on my mirror the other day not falling on my head in my sleep. You all make me laugh every day so thank you!!!


  1. From a complete technological dinosaur, with no mac experience whatsoever, I can't help with the computer, but from experience I can say that screaming and ranting at the thing sadly doesn't seem to have much effect! Good luck with it, would a call to your help centre be an option? K xx

  2. i know exactly what you are talking about,this week i was about to throw my laptop out the window frustrating sometimes ...hope it goes well with the emails today (Goodluck) and have a great week so far XXX

  3. I hope you have managed to sort out your technology issues Janette! Wishing you a lovely Thursday sweet girl. Hugs (and one for Will too) ~ Tina xx

  4. Oh Janette you poor thing, please take heart my IT expert is often heard muttering that he hates computers and doesn't know how on earth they took off! I have pointed out to him on numerous occasions that he has chosen the wrong field then!! xx

  5. I know the feeling! And it always happens at the most inconvenient of times! I'm luck that my husband is a whizz with all things technical - he jokes that he's going to give up his day job and become the Technical Specialist for Buttercup Ink full time! Maybe one day! Hope you get it all sorted soon!

    V xx

  6. I hear your pain :) As much as I'd be lost without a computer, the non-technological part of me hates the frustration and confusion they sometimes cause. Hope you get your issues sorted out and that you have a lovely afternoon/evening x

  7. I'm a Mac user at home and a PC user at work and I much prefer the latter - it's so much quicker and easier to use for sure but not immune from hiccups!!

    Like every healthy relationship in life it's a love/hate thing! ;-)

  8. Hi Janette, thanks for your comments on my blog this evening...

    My hubby has had a look at your domain, as he works in I.T. Your name servers are:
    Name Server
    Name Server

    However, he says you don't have a MX record setup for your mail server and your provider at tppinternet can sort that for you if you log a support call. The CNAME needs to be the vaild MX record that only your provider will know.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

  9. Oh dear. When technology gets the better of me I always try and find someone in their mid 20's to help me. They are usually mature enough to explain what is happening and savvy enough to fix it.

  10. i'm hearing ya, i'm a mac user and i'm just lucky to have a few people (like you) to give me a hand.......yay the ipad, i'm sure it won't take you long you'll be giving lessons hehehe thanks for your comments also, makes me feel like i'm not writing to myself xx

  11. Wow, thank you Jenny & your husband for your instructions. I'm going to email tpinternet now and see if they can sort it out.

    Thank you everyone for your sympathies, you'd think that still being in my 20's would be an advantage (usually is) but not with all this gobbledy gook, my IT knowledge stops there.

    Have a great day,

  12. Oooh I had the same problem Janette :) I made my website all on my own...and felt very proud...until I was bombed with CNAME and DNS and hidden costs....argh!!! Took me a while to get my head around it all too....and I still don't fully understand it LOL!
    Have a great weekend xo.
    P.S. Oooh yes, I'm MAC all the way too! My Husband has his own business called Rype Ideas {Brisbane} and he is an Authorised Apple Reseller. He is obsessed with the iPad Revolution :))) If you're in the market for one....let me know ;o)


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx