Monday, June 7, 2010

Happenings at the Baker home this week...

So... what can I expect from this week ahead?

1. William and I will be doing a lot of playing under the dining room table (see pic above). It's his new obsession which I encouraged last week when we were trapped inside with all the rain. It's now his fun place to play and he will crawl out, grab some blocks or toys from his little toy corner and crawl back under. So cute!

If his 'play under the table' obsession continues I think in a month or two I might attempt to make him something like this...

Image via here

Isn't it cute! Our dining table is round (or can be extended to a big oval) so it probably wont look as cool as this one with it's neat sides but it should be fun for him anyway.

2. The second thing I know this week will involve is picking up bits of apple off the ground. Again, look at the first picture. That thing in Will's hands is an apple and those little white chunks on the floor in front of him...? That's him biting the apple then spitting it out again!
And you know what, after him being sick for so long I'm just happy to see him actually putting some food in his mouth. Eye, yi, yi!

And what else does this week hold for me? Who knows! Just as long as we can have a bit of a break from the rain and runny noses, even just for a couple of days I'll be a very happy chappy.

What do you see your week involving?

Have a great Monday,


  1. What fun!
    William is so cute!
    That table cloth/cubby is such an awesome concept! Love it!
    Have a great week!

  2. I used to love making indoor cubbies from sheets and tables when I was a little tacker. I love the sew cover in your pics - that's a great idea.
    My week ahead - maybe a bit of crafty action on my two days off (nice!) and then hanging an d opening an exhibition at work. All topped off by a long weekend!

  3. Will is so cute Janette! What a gorgeous boy you have and I think making that cubby is a good idea! I am sure Will would use it for years to come! xx

  4. Your little Will is just the cutest little guy Janette! I love the table cover tent, how cool is that!!! Hope you get a week full of sunshine and good health my friend. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  5. Had to laugh when I saw Williams photo! Gabriel's favourite place to be in under our dining table too! Although he's getting too tall and bangs his head on the underside of the chairs when he sits up now!

    V xx

  6. He is so adorable, hopefully we can catch up Wednesday fingers crossed.

  7. Will is such a cutie pie Janette and always looks so happy. Love that smile :) I have a similar 'table cubby' pic in my inspiration folder for when Grace gets older. I think Will would love one - would make his whole latest game of playing under the table even more fun. After being away for a few days, we don't have any major plans this week apart from taking it easy. Have a lovely evening xx

  8. I loved playing under the table when I was a kid - my sister and I used to pretend we were fairies that lived under the kitchen table. I would have loved a table tent like that. xx

  9. Cute and boy is your floor lovely and glossy! I made a similar table cover when my kids were little and hand painted it. It was fantastic, the kids loved it. Go for it.

  10. Hi Jannette, that is so cute, what a great idea for a cubby house. My girls would love it..if only I could sew..My week was going to involve painting, it's now going to involve resting a little! Thanks for your lovely comment today. And I love your latest print too..I'll get around to ordering some soon I hope..Rachaelxx

  11. you can see how much Fun he is having being by just looking at that huge smile on his
    face,so cute:) love the tent that is such a great idea Lucas would love that ..hope you both are much better now ,have a great week XX

  12. I love your chairs! And Will is the cutest!

  13. What a great cubby idea! If Will is anything like Harper when it comes to hiding & playing under things then he will definitely love it!. As usual you are too clever. illy the cuddly


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