Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slumber, sleep, snooze...

Just saying these words makes my eye lids heavy today... *yawn*

I have a question for you? Why is it that even when you have a full, uninterrupted night's sleep that you wake up feeling more tired that you did when you went to bed?

Hmmm.... well I'll just wait for this cup of coffee I'm sipping to kick in, and in the meantime dream about this bedroom.

via decorpad

I love this bedroom, it's so perfect to me. The white ruffled bedding, the blue Ikat pillow, the white tray with... is that a bowl of figs? The Ghost chair, the gorgeous bedside table, the cow hide rug which 'looks' great but they freak me out in real life (not a fan of dead animals in the house). The colour of the door is great, oh and can you throw in those sandals too please?

Me thinks this is an over styled studio photo. But who cares, I could jump into that bed right now and sleep for hours! Now, photographer, stylist, lighting guys, please ignore me while I curl up under this beautiful ruffled bedding, carry on with your photo shoot, I'm just going to sleeeeee....p.....


  1. I know what you mean about feeling pooped after a good night's sleep - is it just that we don't normally sleep well? I love the room as well but am with you on the rug - it's the only thing I don't like. I hate animal skins - I'm funny about leather couches and wont wear ugg boots!

  2. I love the bedside table and the ghost chair. I'm trying to decide where to put the ghost chair I bought. It looks great in the bathroom but makes it a bit cluttered. Perhaps the teen royal suite..They look good anywhere I suppose..Sorry, just thinking out loud..Rachaelxx

  3. Hmm, I think that kind of tiredness is something that only affects mums Janette! And I'm so with you on the rug - no dead animals on my floor either thanks! But the rest - dreamy! K xx

  4. What a beautiful bedroom - I love every detail about it too. That bed looks so comfortable and I'll take a pair of those sandals as well please. I know what you mean about a good night's sleep, Grace has been so wakeful lately (I'm telling myself it's teething so hopefully it will stop once that tooth pokes through). I was so grateful the other night when she slept without waking but I still didn't feel refreshed as I thought I would throughout the day :) Have a great Wednesday xx

  5. This looks so comfy!

    I always wonder why when I get 8 hours of sleep I'm always tired, but when I get 4 hours, I'm wide awake the next day. I don't get it.

  6. Oh it is a gorgeous room Janette! I love the colour of the door and that ruffled bed cover is beautiful!! I hope the coffee has kicked in sweet girl. I think I agree with Kerri ~ the tiredness is a Mum thing:) Hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday ~ Tina XX

  7. I don't think I have had a decent night's sleep for 7 years. The problem is that you need to be consistent, that is why sleeping in actually makes you feel more tired, because your body gets confused. What a lovely bedroom very girly. I wouldn't mind a girly bedroom but it is not to be at the moment. xoxo


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