Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Latest sewing project - Will's (Mummy's) Bean Bag

A few weeks ago I bought this blue and white octagonal trellis fabric to make a Bean bag for Will - or should I really say for me! You see I spend half the day lying all over the floor reading books, playing with toys, having Will rumble on top of me so I thought I might as well do it in style and comfort!

I managed to get the sewing machine out and finish the bean bag on Sunday night and then we went and bought the beans for it yesterday. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I think Will is too!

I made the bean bag in a long rectangle shape rather than the normal bean bag shape as i needed it to be long enough to lie all over but I also gathered half way along one length so that it has a natural curve when you push all the beans to the bottom so that Will can use it as a chair too.

Here are some action shots!

So much fun! Oh and here are some bean bag tips a lady outside Kmart told me when I was walking out with my big bag of beans. She told me to fill the bean bag in the bath so the beans don't go everywhere (fantastic tip). And she said that if the bean bag does open and the beans come out then suck a stocking part way up your vacuum cleaner then vacuum them up and then you can take the stocking out with all the beans inside. Fingers crossed I won't need to try this last tip but nice to know in case.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday full of fun and excitement!
Take care,


  1. Oh I love it Janette! Gorgeous fabric and Will seems to love it too:) Great job on the bean bag Janette and thanks for passing on those helpful tips!! Hope you have a lovely loungy day with Will:) Big hugs ~ Tina xx

  2. Love the bean bag Janette - they're usually in really ugly fabrics, but your beautiful blue trellis looks great. Love the action shots, your little Will seems to like it as much as you! K xx

  3. love the bean bag the fabric is lovely..i wish i could sew....well done it looks awesome
    p.s you must teach me all your amazing photo tricks that you always have on your site.this slide show looks so cute xxx

  4. You're so clever designing that shape of bean bag so that it can mould into a chair. Will is a total cutie pie, he looks like he's loving it!! :-)

  5. I can't believe you made it! It looks like a bought one, only much more nicer. Too clever. Check out Will her looks so cool in his puffa vest!... illy the cuddly

    PS Harper has the same hippo as Will!

  6. Wow the bean bag looks great I love the shape very inventive. Great tips about rounding up those escapee beans. Have fun with your little man, those times playing on the floor with your little ones are soooo precious. Enjoy
    Donna xx

  7. Too cute!! Looks like Will is loving the bean bag. Gorgeous fabric and sounds perfect for all the time us mums spend on the floor - I bought some big floor cushion inserts for this same purpose the other day :) Your sewing creation looks great and I like the way you shaped it. Is that the 'Ten Fingers' book I spy? Grace has that one too :) Enjoy your evening xx

  8. Gorgeous bean bag but even more gorgeous little boy. Oh how I miss those days of rough and tumble playing on the floor. It goes so fast! Hey, thanks for wonderful support over at my bloggy.
    A-M xx

  9. Good tips thankyou. The fabric is really nice. Much nicer than the bought bean bags.

  10. Very, very good idea! Just what I need. I feel so stiff after sitting playing on the floor..Rachaelxx


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