Monday, May 24, 2010

My DIY light...

Drum shade please.... whoops I mean drum roll...

I gave it a go ladies, I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So while Glen was at Bunnings on Saturday my little niece Meg, Will and I scoured Spotlight, Lincraft and lighting shops together at the homemaker centre for our big project.

We also went to check out the Beacon Lighting version (remember from post here, priced at $369) so we could analyse it's composition.

On close inspection, the Beacon Lighting shade is basically just organza ribbon wound round and round the lamp shade. So I bought 18mts of black organza ribbon at Spotlight and I also bought the crystals for the chandelier looking part of the light.

I couldn't find an uncovered drum shaped lamp shade frame and the cheapest shade at the Homemaker centre was $49 - hmmm... not happy to pay that much.

So later on that day I went to trusty old Target and 'Voila' there was the right size drum shade in black for only $19.95 - what a win!

All my bits and pieces ready as well as a cup of tea :)

My glass beads threaded onto the thread. I put sticky tape above them so they wouldn't come off while working with them. Then I made a wire hoop in the diameter that I wanted them to hang.

The tricky part was getting them all at the right length on the hoop and then attaching the hoop to the lamp shade. But it took about an hour and a half to make.

I was going to rip the lamp shade cover off and do the organza ribbon then but then I didn't have the guts to demolish a perfectly good shade so solid satin black it will be for the time being. It looks very modern with the solid black, which I'm fine with.
Do you think I need to add more crystals?

Here it is at a different angle without the light on.

Beads $19.45
Lamp shade from Target $19.95
Beading thread $1

Wire & sticky tape we already had...
Black organza ribbon I bought for $5.99 but didn't use.

So total cost was $40.40

So there you go, I hope you have a wonderful Monday,


  1. you did it!!!!
    well done it looks great I Love it ..your clever women miss Janette :)XXX

  2. That's brilliant - you did a great job! What's your feeling about extra sparkles? Maybe a couple more would be nice?

  3. Thanks ladies. Yeah I'm thinking a few more sparkles are in order :)

  4. Well now who's the clever one!! I think you did a fabulous job. Probably a few more beads but as I'm a bit of a boho you'd expect me to say that! I'm all inspired now.

  5. Stunning Janette, maybe a few more sparkles but not too many. Love it. Can't wait to see the rest of your bedroom makeover as it progresses. Looking forward to catching up Wednesday.

  6. Janette, I knew you could do it and that it would turn out so fabulously!! You go girl! It looks beautiful. I'll take two please:) ~ Tina xx

  7. Well done, I’m thrilled you gave it a go!

    It looks fantastic Janette, you’re so clever and of course it's cheaper than Bunnings, woop, woop! :-)

  8. Oh Janette it looks lovely! I am so impressed. I agree that a few more sparkles would look lovely! Well done and thank you for sharing! xx

  9. Well, look at you go Janette! It looks absolutely fantastic. Maybe a few more crystals would be good - after all, more is more when it comes to chandies. Might have to grab some crystals for that little chandy I posted about on Friday? Thanks for the inspiration! K xx

  10. That is very, very clever. No way could I think of all that, let alone go and collect all the bits. It looks fantastic! Rxx

  11. Looks wonderful Janette - you've done a great job and now you have the satisfaction of lying in bed and looking up at your creation xx

  12. What a bargain and so very stylish! xxxx

  13. Thrifty!! Well done, you! hmm why stop at a few sparkles when you could (and should!) go completely over the top! Sparkle it up, I say!! Have a great week x

  14. Very nice, I think it looks great. I would be tempted to try wrapping some of the black around the base over the black to see what happens. You could always pull it off if it looks bad.

  15. Very impressive. But then I knew it would be. I sometimes wish I could be so creative.... illy the cuddly


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