Sunday, April 25, 2010

Will's Birthday Party

Here are some photos from Will's Safari Birthday party yesterday. We all had a great time and the weather held out for the 50 odd people we had for the party. William had a great time crawling around and getting into everything!

Two tiered Carrot cake with cream cheese and fondant icing.

African sign post at our front door.

Binoculars for each of the children on the entrance hall table.
The kids had a great time looking through their binoculars.

Happy Birthday Screensaver for the TV which I made to match the invitations.

Jungle streamers over the open french doors. I also had animal noises of Elephant, hippo, lion and gorilla playing over my ipod dock in the lounge room as people came in.
Some of the children came up to me a bit concerned saying they could hear a lion! So cute!

'Will's 1st Year' wall of photos.

Safari themed bunting I made on the sewing machine to decorate the deck.
We also had safari animal stickers on the posts.
Party packs for each of the children with Tiny Teddies, lollies, bubbles and animals.

Personalised chocolate bars made by Louise from Illume Design were a big hit!

Will having fun before the party guests arrived in his Safari Tour jeep.

All the children playing Pass the Parcel to African Children's music.

My happy bubba enjoy the fun.

Cutting of the cake

After the party, Will chilled out with his friends... Aleksandar (Louise's gorgeous little boy) and Will's 'fiance' Isabella.

It was such a great day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves but particularly William who didn't want to have a midday sleep because of all the fun to be had.

We are off to the Aquarium this afternoon as our little family birthday outing which should be fun. Have a great ANZAC day long weekend.


  1. Oh Janette, Will's party looks AWESOME!!! I love all of the fantastic things you did, especially the little binoculars - how cute!! My favourite has to be that CAKE!!! You are truly amazing my dear and should be so proud of the job you did!! Louise's chocolate wrappers look amazing too! Hope that you and Glen were able to enjoy the day along with Will:) Thank you so much for sharing:) Hope you enjoy the Aquarium! Big hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  2. Wow Janette, what a fantastic job! I really love your little binoculars - too cute. What a lucky boy your little Will is, and what lucky friends to go such a fun birthday party. Maybe if you every get tired of graphic design, you should consider a career in party planning! K xx

  3. What a wonderful job you've done Janette!! I've been eagerly checking my Google Reader for this post :) You did the most wonderful job on Will's cake - it looks fabulous!! All the decorative touches like the binoculars, first year photos, safari signs, animal music etc. were all so carefully planned. The bunting you made looked great and really set the scene on your deck. Glad Will enjoyed his big day (he really is adorable Janette!!) and hope you and Glen enjoyed the day too. Will is lucky to have a mummy who put so much effort into his wonderful party :) Have a wonderful family outing today and enjoy the long weekend x P.S Your backyard looks so lovely!!

  4. wow you have really done a FATASTIC JOB... such thought went into it sweetie you should be very the cake (i'm speechless amazing) and the personalized chocolate bars great idea !!( loved it Louise),the backyard decorations look fabulous ..glad you guys had a great time and happy little Will enjoyed himself.once again loved it and thanks for sharing XXX

  5. What a gorgeous party!! Wish my mum was that clever when i was little! xxx

  6. Oh WOW! What an awesome party! You are the best mum! I love all of the decorations especially the binoculars. The kids would have had a ball! The cake looks great! Will looks so happy, I am glad that it all worked out well and that you had a lovely day! Enjoy your outing today. xx

  7. Fabulous, fabulous cake! I cannot believe you did it yourself... I don't think I'll be trying it at home but I think you had better post the "how to" or keep it to yourself and go into business!! Hope your one year old had a lovely time... the next twelve months are much more fun than the first - toddlers are terribly entertaining (and exhausting in a different way...) Ann x

  8. Wow, looks like a great party. There is nothing like a good theme to run with. Lucky Will!

  9. I am totally blown away by how brilliant the cake is!!!! What a talent!!!
    Looks like a great party!

  10. Wow, you did an amazing job, I can only imagine how much work went into that! The cake is out of this world! Rxx

  11. Oh Janette,
    How wonderful your little Will's party looks. The children who attended would have had an amazing time. All the hard work you put in is very impressive. Just looking at the photos is giving me ideas for Oli's future parties. I hope you all had a great day well done, you did an amazing job.
    Donna xx

  12. What an adorable party! You are so creative. The cake is amazing! Happy belated birthday to your precious little boy!

  13. oohhhh I just love that photo of Aleksandar, Will and Isabella... so adorable.. every time I look at it I just smile..I have already shown everyone!

    Will's party was awesome... we had a great time.. the cake was amazing it looked so professional. You should def become a party planner and host, you did, and always do a great job!

    Oh and your very welcome for the chocolate bars..

  14. Mamma Mia! Bella! Fantastico! Brava! What a fantastic party theme you have created for young Will'. I really love the giraffe peeking over the fence. Sooo cute... I must also mention that your cake decorating skills are outstanding. You know how to throw a great party Janette. Thanks for showing us lots of photos of Will's BIG day. Ciao illy

  15. Loving the concept, well done Janette! That cake is tres chic!!! Loving the choccies and binoculars too -- I adore obsessing over the small details! Only question is.... how will you top this next year?! x

  16. Oh Janette...arent you just the best mum ever! Looks like Will had the best adventure safari birthday...what an awesome theme..and you did such an amazing job honey...awesome! William is just too adorable..and such a big boy for my little Jacq. I loved the cheesballs in the paper! x


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