Friday, April 23, 2010


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My 'Keep Quiet the Baby's Sleeping' print has been featured on today!

When I wake up to discover one of my prints featured, like this one, I do a little dance and sing 'Yeah Baby, Yeah Baby' to William who thinks it's quite funny and does a big smile at me.
I guess I should enjoy his encouraging smiles now because in a few years I'll just get 'Stop it Mum, you're being embarrassing'.

Two milestones today:
  • This is my 101 post!
  • This is the last day, of the first year with our little bubba Will... Please feel free to roll your eyes as I know, I'm a complete sook.

I hope you're day is as good as mine has started out!


  1. Fantastic! Congratulations. You're not a sook, just a nice mummy..Rxx

  2. Yay, how exciting for you!

    Congrats on your 101 posts and enjoy your bubba's birthday tomorrow. My BuBba's 1st birthday isn't too far away either.


  3. congrats on your 101 posts (WOOOHOO) and congrats on another feature you are a super star!!
    just think that Will is opening another chapter to his life,as i say in our house goodbye number 2 hello number 3( every time my boys reached a new age they say goodbye and hello)..i know its so sad they grow to quick they need to slow it down just a little XX

  4. Congrats on the feature and the number of posts, you just prompted me to see what I was up to, I'm not too far behind at 93!!!
    I'll touch base in the next few days to catch up for coffee.

  5. Wow, great news Janete, congratulations!
    And I don't blame you, soak these moments up while you can, they grow up far too quickly. And you are dead right, you will become embarrassing but you can have some fun with that - torturing your teens is revenge for all the angst they give you! Enjoy your day,
    K xx

  6. Congratulations of your 101st post and on being featured - I'm so glad your prints are getting the exposure they deserve. I don't think you're a sook at all - I feel exactly the same way about Grace turning one - my little baby is becoming a big girl :( I'm sure this next stage of Will and Grace's childhood will be heaps of fun x

  7. Congratulations on your mention. You are so deserving of it all! Happy Birthday to Will, I pray that your weekend goes well and you have a great time! xx

  8. Congrats on the feature and reaching 101 posts! Love that poster! You're not a sook at all, enjoy little Will's first birthday :)

  9. Congrats on your feature, your 101 posts and the last day of Will's first year!! Wow, what a big day!! Hope that you have a wonderful time at Will's party tomorrow. Sending the birthday boy a big hug (and one for you too!) Oh how gorgeous are you doing the 'oh Yeah' dance and well you should!!!~ Tina xx

  10. Congrats Janette on another feature I'm sure there's many, many more to come. Enjoy your little man and yes you are entering a new chapter with him and it will be wonderful for you all.
    Donna xx

  11. Congrats on 101 posts, That is no easy thing. Also on the feature. Your Dad did a great job on those chairs, who would have thought they could look so good!


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