Thursday, April 15, 2010

White with a hint of pink

Love it! Check out these images of predominately white with a hint of pink, so beautiful!

Love the mirror too

Desk is gorgeous but wouldn't want to have to keep it clean - think baby hand prints :)

LOVE these pillows

Looks like a kitchen but I think it's a bathroom, it's the vanity against the window and mirror on the side which makes it confusing.

Had a great day out for Mum's birthday, thank you for your lovely comments!!! Here is my happy bubba in his high chair at lunch.

I also wanted to say a big thank you for some great blog mentions I've had this week:
Tiny and Little
Lola Was Her Name

Check out these fabulous blogs if you haven't already. Thanks Lovely Ladies!!!! xxx

Take care,


  1. What gorgeous images Janette - I especially like the first one. Would be so lovely to relax in that gorgeous tub :) Congratulations for all the blog mentions this week - your prints really are wonderful and you deserve all the mentions you're getting :) What a cute photo of Will - he really is adorable!! x

  2. congrats on your blog mentions- prints are gorgeous and i must say LOVE THE pics in this posts ..the pillow are to die for and the bathroom in the first picture ohhh lala XX

  3. I absolutely love all of them, but especially the bathroom that looks like a kitchen. I have always wanted a bathroom that is designed like this! Keep on dreaming... What a great photo of Will too! Lick ya later illy xo

  4. Oh, they're so gorgeous! I recently brought some pink flowers in from the garden and they really do brighten a room. Your post about your mum had me almost in tears, how lovely. I would so love to have a mum to share my beautiful children with. I just love hearing stories like yours. Have a great weekend..Oh, and thanks for your funny comment today - glad I'm not the only one with a wild imagination! Rxx

  5. What pretty rooms - I love the LOVE pillows as well. Have a lovely weekend!


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