Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Which dress do you like the best?

I flicked on the end of the Oscars yesterday afternoon as I love checking out the dresses and jewels (who doesn't?!?!). And whenever there was applause in the crowd William would look up at me and start clapping! So cute! He takes every opportunity to practice his clapping.

Anyway I thought I'd show you my favourite gowns of the evening. And here they are...

These ones I wouldn't say are bad but I just don't like them very much.
Images via here

Which dress/celeb did you like the most?

Have a lovely day,

p.s. less than two days to go till I draw the winner of the giveaway, get in quick if you haven't already! :)


  1. Hi Janette:) I love, love, love Cameron Diaz's gown ~ so beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I didn't get to see any of the footage this year, so this has certainly made up for it:) Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday ~ Tina x

  2. I thought Sandra Bullock and Penelope Cruz looked great! Demi Moore's dress was really pretty too.

  3. I've just discovered your blog!
    I reckon for an old chick Helen Mirren always looks fab! I liked SJP and Cameron and Demi too. And you're bang on with the dresses you 'don't like very much'. Lol I wouldn't have been so polite.

  4. They are all so glamorous but I love Sandra's gown I think she looks beautiful and I like Cameron's as well. Wouldn't it be lovely to dress up like this and go out for a special night? xx

  5. I love Demi's dres - so pretty and soft with all those lovely ruffles. I laughed when I read about Will clapping along - so cute :)

  6. Maggie's gown for me is the best. I actually thought this year's choices to be quite safe, typically hollywood and dull.

  7. I thought Demi Moore looked amazing!


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