Monday, March 8, 2010

Plenty of time for tea

You would sure make plenty of time for tea if you owned this beautiful collection!

I was shopping in Myer on Saturday in the dining and tableware section and came across these beautiful tea cups from Waterford Wedgwood. I particularly loved this little butterfly one, it's very small and dainty and will only set you back $99! They are all a part of the Harlequin Collection take a look at

I wanted to also say thank you SO much to everyone who has entered my little Giveaway the response so far has be amazing! I can't wait for Wednesday to draw the winner!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!


  1. Oooh I do love a good cup of tea & that butterfly set is absolutely beautiful. Maybe I should add that to my "Wish List".

    Want, want, want!

    Ciao, ciao

  2. Such gorgeous china Janette! Hmm, I might just have to follow that link ;) Hope you are having a lovely Monday ~ Tina x

  3. Oh, I love butterflies, so much, this is exquisite. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous find.

    PS I did have my eye out on Sat just in case.

  4. I need some serious green tea right now. Such a pretty post! Kellie

  5. What pretty teacups!! I absolutely love my cups of tea each day as I sit and blog and would love to be drinking out of such a pretty cup as the ones you've posted x

  6. What a pretty teacup, so dainty!

  7. They're so pretty! I have been itching to collect a few pretty cups and saucers - there are so many nice ones to choose from!


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