Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Easter Nook

Here is the extent of my Easter decorating for 2010.

My super sweet next door neighbour Amanda gave us the little yellow rabbit candle, so I blew out the egg from three eggs and painted them in my water colour paints then placed them in this little basket with some raffia.

For this little corner I picked some yellow and white flowers from my back garden and used a little French egg cup as a vase and placed it next to my white bird.

This mirror is the first thing you see when you step into our lounge room so I wrote 'Happy Easter' with a little chick leaving an egg in my Chalk Pen.

And the pièce de résistance (NOT) is my first attempt at crocheting.
I made it last night and it is meant to be a little bunny.

I have been so inspired by my lovely friend Tina (Rubies Place) with all her beautiful crochet projects that I hunted around for my Grandma's crochet hook which I knew I had somewhere and I found my one and only ball of wool. I googled crocheting and after many false starts I got going and then didn't know what I was making.

Conversation with Glen last night:

Me: Look!!! I'm making something!!!
G: What are you making?
Me: I don't know, but it's something...
G: *smile*sigh*shake of head*
I decided to try and make my 'something' into a little bitty rabbit and do loops for ears. See how tiny it is it's about an inch. Oh well better luck next time :)

I will have to go up to the knitting shop up the road and buy some of the beautiful double yarn that Tina used in her latest project and maybe a 'How-To' book.

I think it's going to take me a loooong time to get up to Tina's standard but I will post some more of my comical attempts as they come about.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday everyone,


  1. Oh your Easter nooks are gorgeous!! You are so creative, I love your little chicken drawing on your mirror, I wish I could draw!!! Now I have to say my lovely, I LOVE your crocheted bunny, that is sooo cute!! Yay to you!!!:) I also love, love, love that you used your Nan's crochet hook - so special:) Thank you so much for linking to my project and for your sweet words Janette, you are such a lovely friend my dear!! Did I tell you how much I love your little crocheted rabbit!! So cute:) Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday ~ Tina XX

  2. Love the Easter decorations Janette. That little bunny is so cute, I like it even more because you just went ahead and figured it out as you went along. You clever girl you!
    K xx

  3. Your Easter decorating is lovely. I have not done much of anything, oh well that's what Friday is for! I love your little bunny it is so sweet and I am so impressed you made it! I won't show anyone my attempt at knitting and I didn't even try to crochet! xx

  4. How lovely that you've created some little bits and pieces to display for Easter. Love the writing on the mirror. Good on you for having a go at crocheting - I wouldn't even know where to start and your bunny looks really cute :) Hope your day has been a lovely one x P.S Thanks for the ideas for my lounge room

  5. Don't under estimate your crocheting talent! I think your little bunny looks too cute & if you sold them in your shop I would definitely buy one! I love the drawings on your mirror too. You are too clever! illy the cuddly x

  6. ooooh that crochet bunny is so funny.. and so typical of you Janette... you make me laugh..!! Have a great Easter..

  7. cute! dont worry, its waaaay more decoration than ive bothered with at my place!!

  8. Everything looks adorable and I LOVE the tiny rabbit. Can't wait to see what else you think up.

  9. Love the nooks Janette and I think your crochet bunny is so cute, the way a bunny should be.
    Happy easter Janette.


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