Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Lesson in Italian

Yesterday I had a lovely customer, Jenene from Brisbane, request a few of my prints to be made into Italian. She provided me with the Italian translation for each of them including the 'Bedtime Bus Roll Poster', and we turned 'Counting in French' into 'Counting in Italian'!

It brought back memories of my Italian lessons in primary school. I had 'Uno, due, tre Bambini. Quattro, cinque, sei Bambini...' (to the tune of '1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians') in my head all evening.

So I thought I'd show you how they turned out.

Pretty cool hey! I love the Bedtime Bus Roll in Italian, it makes me imagine sitting in an Italian cafe with my Vespa parked on the curb :) coffee in hand watching the people go by.
Ah... I hope you have a lovely day while I keep on dreaming of Italy. *sigh*.

Here is my favourite photo from my favourite city in Italy... beautiful Florence with the Arno running through it.

Take care,


  1. How cool! So great that you were willing to do a customer order for Jenene. What a beautiful photo of Florence!! x

  2. The rolls look great, what a good idea! Sitting in a cafe in Italy people watching sounds lovely, much better than sitting at work number crunching!
    Nellie xx

  3. They look amazing Janette! And what fun to see your own designs in another way:) I love them both!! That photo of Florence is just beautiful! ~ Tina x

  4. What a great idea Janette. When my hiatus is over, I'll ask for a similar order but in Portuguese. If you don't mind that is.


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