Monday, February 22, 2010

Yellow finds

I must say I'm not a huge fan of the colour yellow, I think because I look hideous in it ...
(pale skin & blonde hair + yellow = washed out, sick looking)

But I like a little pop of yellow used in interiors to add a sunny, happy atmosphere. So take a look at these pics and finds which I think would achieve that bright sunny spark for your Monday morning!

Image via here.

Hermione plush puppy dachshund in mustard and royal purple.
From Tinkering Textiles.

AZTEC Cotton Cushion Cover 45 x 45 cm. From Be Still.

1-2-3 Adhesive Notes. From Kikki K

Set of 4 sweet little vintage tea plates with yellow roses. From CRISTALINAic.

Image via here.

Hope you have a happy, sunny day,


  1. Morning Janette!! What a lovely, sunny post! Lovely images to start off my Monday :) I was never really into yellow until I used it in Grace's room and now I love it. It's such a happy colour. Have a great start to the week x

  2. Oh I LOVE that first pic Janette, just gorgeous!! I like yellow and had a lot in our last house. I love the yellow of Olivia's gorgeous print - thank you again:) Hope you have a wonderful Monday ~ Tina x

  3. I can't wear it either, my complexion is a bit sallow so yellow makes me look like I'm suffering from liver disease. But like you I have pops of yellow around the home along with red, blue and green.
    Have a happy day.

  4. The yellow is just perfect for making a
    Monday morning better.
    Nellie xx

  5. The dress in the bathroom looks great - a stately yet sunny shade of yellow.


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