Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oooo La La - Valentines Day is almost upon us!

Image by Janette

I just received an email from hubby at work which said the following:
Dear Janette Baker

You are cordially invited to enjoy a day free of dependants. Please be available to depart the city for an out of suburbia experience – your transport will be departing at approx. 11.15 AM this Saturday morning. The weather forecast is for a sunny day approx. 27 degrees so a light frock is recommended with adequate sun protection. There is no need to pack any ‘pad kos’ ; food and beverage will be provided,

Love from hubby
Hmmmm... I'm excited!!! I wonder what he's got in store!


  1. WOW Janette - how gorgeous is that email and what a lovely husband you have!! Oh I hope you will share your wonderful surprise with us, you lucky lady!! - Tina x

  2. Ooh how lovely - I am so excited for you!! What a sweet husband - can't wait to see what your surprise is!!!

  3. How fun! Keep us posted on the fun things he has planned!


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