Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dreaming of Gwyneth's swing

LinkThis is what I'm dreaming about today.

It is a picture taken from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tribeca loft which the lovely Belinda of The Happy Home Blog, blogged about earlier this year. See the whole house tour here.

How nice would a daybed swing be! Just rocking gently back and forward while Chris Martin serenades you... hehehe.

The reason why I'm dreaming about Gwynie's swing is because we spent part of last night at RNS Hospital Pediatric Emergency as Will had tiny little tree ticks on him. Apparently they come out with the rain and with us being so close to the bush he would have got them just crawling around the grass in our backyard! Two on his scalp, four on his body and something on his eye that they couldn't find. They had to remove them with a very fine, sharp needle, but William is a very strong boy for 9months so it was quite traumatic having hubby, myself and another nurse trying to hold him down. My poor, brave little bubby :-(

He's much better today, the little bites are still inflamed but the doctor said they would be for a day or two.

I think with the whole thing being quite upsetting and stressful by the time we got home at about 12.45am last night I just couldn't get to sleep till around 2am. Thus the need for Gwynie's swing today. Will and I could curl up on it and snooze together with Coldplay on the ipod in the background! :-)

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!


  1. Oh Janette!! Poor little William and poor you! I hope you both get some lovely rest today. Find a lovely place to curl up for a nap together and dream you are in that swing!! Take care ~ Tina xx

  2. Gawd that sounds terrible. There is nothing like a night in emergency with a small child to stress you out. And its all so slow and crowded!!!

  3. Oh you poor thing Janette!! Poor little Will! :( Did they manage to get the one off his eye? It's horrible being in emergency with a baby - we took Grace there a few months back when she was breathing funny - I couldn't sleep afterwards either. Try and rest today and take it easy. Will must only be a week or so older than Grace - she was born on the 15th May - when is Will's birthday?

  4. Thanks everyone! We got a nice morning nap in today which made me feel more human again and Will is in good spirits! His little bumps have gone down, particularly his eye which is a relief.

    Amanda - Wow, they are less than a month apart! Will was due on the 9th of May but came early on the 24th April. I wish we lived in the same city, then they could have a play date together!
    Janette x

  5. Wow - Grace came late- her initial due date was the 10th of May!! Would be lovely if we were in the same city :)

  6. Lovely! I'd like a homelier version of that swing in a jaunty striped fabric - something like an indoor porch swing. And poor Will!


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