Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks Meg

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Meg Duerksen the author of the wonderful blog 'Whatever' for including the Custom Birth Print I made for her in her post today.

The print was a gift for gorgeous baby Levi! Take a look at the beautiful photos she took for the family. And visit her blog for more adorable pics:
You can see why Meg's blog was the winner of the Apartment Therapy 2009 Homies award in the Kids at Home category.

Thanks again Meg,


  1. Janette - what a beautiful print. I just visited his family blog and my heart has just broken into a million pieces... What a special family. So happy for them having Levi as a little brother for sweet little Cora. I will certainly be giving my children an extra bedtime kiss tonight. Makes me feel very thankful for every precious second of every day. Again, your prints are just beautiful - only problem is there are too many beautiful ones to choose from!-Tina x

  2. Love your prints Janette. Starting today I'm on a spending hiatus for 2 months (maybe 3 depending on how I go!!!), so as soon as it is over, I'm going to order 2 of these for my boys' rooms.

  3. Tina - it's heartbreaking isn't it. A parents worst nightmare. Just so happy that they now have their gorgeous little Levi!

    Engracia - thank you, I'm glad you like my prints.

    I'd love to make one for your two little cutie-pies!


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