Monday, January 18, 2010

Kitchen Blind

I've been thinking of making a roman blind for our kitchen window. I've never made a blind before but I'd like to try. We have no curtains or blinds or anything on the window at the moment and never have... because when we moved in we immediately took down the old fashioned lace, cafe style curtains which made the kitchen look like something out of 1983. So it would be nice to gain some privacy, especially at night when I'm cleaning up the kitchen in my PJ's. Also I think it would give our 'not-so-stunning' kitchen a more polished look.

So here's what I'm thinking. I'm loving the lattice pattern fabrics at the moment and here are a few I really like.

Waverly Lovely Lattice Fabric
Via here
Via here

Otherwise a Chevron pattern would look great too...

What do you think, lattice or chevron? I wonder if I'll be brave enough to attempt it!!! Stay tuned.

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  1. I love that third fabric! We have the same dilema at the moment with our laundry which has never had any sort of curtain on it either. I had been contemplating a roman blind too. Are they difficult to make?

  2. Hi Amanda, I've never made a roman blind before but I have this terrific book called 'The complete photo guide to sewing' which has heaps of sewing projects including a roman blind (the photos in the book are very early 1990's but I try to just picture a beautiful fabric instead). It looks quite tricky so I'm still trying to get the courage to try. I'll keep you posted... :-)


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