Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ceviche Delights

We had some friends stay over the weekend who are travelling around Australia at the moment. Fabbyy who is from Ecuador showed me how to make Ceviche for dinner! Yum!

Hubby and I have both had Ceviche once before, over 10 years ago and the flavour and freshness was still etched in our minds. So it was a real treat to have a wonderful feast of it for dinner. We went to the fish markets to buy the prawns (and have a beautiful seafood lunch there too of course).

The prawns are cooked for a short time on the stove in boiling water, just till you get the slight orange tinge then you take them off the boil and they cook in a bowl of lemon juice! You use lots of coriander, tomatoes both diced and pureed, a bit of orange juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and Spanish onions chopped finely. Served with rice... it's Heaven!!!!

It was such a nice time spent with them and we were sad to see them head back on the road today. Here is a picture of Will and their little boy Blythe playing together in the backyard. So cute!
Try one of these recipes when you're in a summer seafood mood:

Prawn ceviche with guacamole and white corn tortillas

Prawn Ceviche

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