Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jackie Kennedy decor

I was searching yesterday for blue bedroom images as inspiration for my bedroom makeover I told you about last week. And I stumbled upon this picture...

A lot of things jumped out at me:
The soft blue/grey, the chandelier, the Louis armchair, the frames above each bedside table, that really tall dresser mirror.

And then I tried to date the image and when I clicked into the website to find out more I discovered that this was the White House Master Suite during the Kennedy era! It was actually Jackie's bedroom, JFK had his own.

Take a look at some more pics (I wish my bedroom was even half this size!).

Don't you think the bedroom could be set in any era really? It's so classic, feminine but not overtly so, also very practical. And the date... 1962.

Take a look at a comparison of the same room decorated differently for four different Presidents.

via here

They are all a vast improvement from this image of the same room in 1893... they sure didn't have a decorator!
images via here

It's quite fascinating and you can read more about the Kennedy's Renovation of the White House at

So... thanks for the inspiration Jackie. Love your style!


  1. Oh My Goodness Janette!! I think you have found my PERFECT dream bedroom. I have goosebumps, it is beautiful!!! I would LOVE that room - the style, the furniture, the colours...- and would not change a single thing! Thanks so much for sharing, I am going to follow your links after I have done some uni work (that will be my motivation!). The most wonderful post Janette - thanks so much for sharing - Tina x

  2. Jackie is my style muse, what a great post, she had just such impecable, ageless taste didn't she? Looking forward to seeing these touches in your makeover.

  3. What a stunning bedroom - so stylish! Love the third pic and that chandelier is to die for! How interesting to see the different way the same room had been decorated. Thanks for sharing your find x


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