Thursday, January 14, 2010

DIY tea light lanterns

There is a civil war going on at our house at the moment. A war between us, and the mosquitoes.
Currently the Mozzies are winning, we've got bites on our legs and ankles that itch like crazy. It doesn't help that we have a fish pond in the backyard and the kookaburra's eat our goldfish who are meant to eat the mosquito larvae.

BUT... I'm waging a new attack at the front line (backyard). I bought some citronella tea lights at the grocery store the other day and I've been making some pretty little lace covered lanterns so that the flame doesn't blow out.

It's nothing that new or exciting but I've just taken old glass jars, lace that is quite stiff, craft glue and wire.

Glued the lace around the bottom of the jar and bent the wire around to make a little handle.

They look really pretty when lit with the light shining through the lace.

Have a very sweet day,


  1. These look fabulous! I'm paranoid about mozzies at the moment too with our bub and I always get bitten alive when we have barbecues. I might give one of these a try - how do you attach the wire? Is it just wrapped around the top of the jar?

  2. Yes, I just use plyers to wrap around the lid part of the jar, then I bend the wire up to make the little handle then back down and around the existing wire. It's really easy!


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