Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Creative Women Interview: Nicole of Bubby Makes Three *SPECIAL GIVEAWAY*

Nicole and I have been bloggy friends for AGES now and so it was really exciting to actually meet in 'real life' two weekends ago.

We were staying up the coast in Nicole's neck of the woods and so she came over with her gorgeous little kiddies Fern and Elliott whom Will had lots of fun playing with.

So today I'm featuring Nicole in my Creative Women Interview Series! 
You can find out more about her via her blog, etsy shop and facebook page.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I have always loved handmade and am inspired by everything around me... magazines, blogs, websites, parties I go to, children I am surrounded by... I have been known to sit at the playground with paper and a pencil, jotting down ideas I get from watching children play! I love re purposing discarded and unwanted bits and pieces to create something unique and lovely... but I am equally inspired by modern prints, shapes and fabrics! Somehow it all comes together to become 'Bubby Makes Three'.

What motivated you to start your blog and now your gorgeous etsy shop?
In my previous life, I worked in Government communications and spent my days writing for other people. In my spare time I read blogs and fantasised about creating a cyber-nook of my very own but I really didn't have the time or creative energy. When I left my job to have my daughter Fern, I realised now was my chance! I started Bubby Makes Three the blog in 2009 as the diary of a 'first-time-mum'. At first it seemed I was talking only to myself but over time the blog evolved and grew along with my confidence! My long-suppressed dream of starting my own business became a reality early this year when I launched a little clothing and then accessories and artwork range for babies and young children. I saw a market for gorgeous but affordable handmade items and it was a way of feeding the ideas that were pouring out of me after my son was born and I couldn't find anything for him to wear! I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement of my readers and am so grateful for them!

How do you juggle your business as well as your little munchkins?
Well, I do tend to drop a lot of balls from time to time! It certainly isn't easy, and something has got to give (in my case - reading magazines, watching TV and cleaning my house properly!) Thank goodness for nap times... I run a fairly tight ship on the routine front and generally manage to put both children down at the same time; giving mummy a tiny window each day in which to sew, process orders, answer emails, dream up ideas and - oh - sometimes eat lunch too! It is not unusual to find my little 9 month-old son playing amongst tangled rolls of cotton or my daughter 'colouring in' with my expensive fabric marker... it is often difficult finding the right balance, but somehow it seems to work! I believe that anybody can find the time to do anything they want to do if they set their mind to it; I'm testament of that!
Two year old Fern

10mth old Elliott
What is your great advice to Mums with little ones?
Many people ask me how I manage to have both a little business, a blog AND have kids -- I think its about prioritising what is important to you and staying true what makes you happy. I love my kids and I love being a stay-at-home mum, but I also need a creative outlet for my own sanity! Don't be afraid to follow your dreams just because you are a mum. Oh, and involve your little ones where you can; my daughter loves craft and often sits painting, drawing or gluing next to me while I work. I am looking forward to passing on to her some of my (meagre!) skills and fostering her growing love for being creative. 
Nicole has been so generous in offering two great opportunities for My Sweet Prints readers!!!
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All images via Nicole's Blog & etsy shop

Thanks so much Nicole for your generous offers and for sharing a bit about yourself! 
I'll be keeping the details of the two offers on my sidebar so get in and enter!

Have a great day everyone,


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  3. Loved reading your interview with Nicole and learning more about her and how she organises life with her two gorgeous little ones x

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  7. Great interview Janette, I can totally relate to everything Nicole said and how cute are the baby cloths in her store...gorgeous, my favorite is the toddler boy bow tie. I have liked her facebook page & am now following Nicole so put me down for 3.
    Suzie xx

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