Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mummy Calling Cards

Life is busy, especially when you're a Mum. Have you ever been in the situation when you're in a rush, the kids are grumpy, you're juggling a million things and you need to give your details to someone? Maybe they want to arrange a play date, or maybe it's your child's soccer coach or dance teacher. The answer is easy! Rather than trying to remember your mobile number, searching through your bag for pen and paper, or spelling out your email address, simply hand them your Mummy Calling Card!

Mummy Calling Cards are basically business cards for Mums! They have all your details, plus the names of your kids and they make it super easy to give your details to anyone on a moment's notice!

There are a plethora of designers and websites out there offering fun designs for Mummy Calling Cards and above we have chosen some that caught out eye. Why not help your future busy self out and order some cards to have for the next time you need them!

1. The Pinwheel Press | 2. Olliegraphic | 3. Made By Bree | 4. Minted | 5. Loralee Lewis | 6. Tiny Prints

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