Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kid's Photography Inspiration

Never before has it been so easy to snap a photo of your little ones! With nearly all of us toting smartphones around with us, there is a camera at hand at any given moment. Social Media networks like Instagram have encouraged us all to snap away at our daily lives and create beautiful images to share with the world.

There are a range of great apps out there that allow you to edit your photos easily, but why not consider  how you take your photos in the first place? An ordinary snapshot can be turned into something extraordinary simply by the way you frame the subject in the picture. One very effective technique is to come in close to your child and frame just one section of them, be it half their face, their hair, their tummy etc. Interesting framing is something that is easy to do and will help create special photos of your children.

We have found some examples to inspire you. Yes, these have been taken by professionals, but they will help give you ideas of how to set up and frame a photo of your kids.

Aren't these just lovely!?

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