Monday, April 15, 2013

Our first family trip to Luna Park

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at Luna Park, Sydney.

Glen's work organized a Family Fun Day with unlimited rides, catered food and drink all day.

The main height restriction for rides is 106cm and I think Will is 106.1cm tall right now, phew! So we took it in turns to take him on rides. I did the spider with him twice and the Wild Mouse roller coaster. (I was feeling pretty nervous and it was very shaky and a bit scary for me but Will just loved it and was so brave that it forced me to be braver!).

Glen took him on the dodgems and the huge slide in Coney Island. We went on the Ferris wheels all together including Lachie and that was lovely - gosh we live in the most beautiful city, and the weather was stunning.

It was a fantastic day and one we will be reminiscing about for a long time I'm sure.

What did you do on the weekend? Have you been to Sydney or Melbourne Luna park?

Have a great day,
Janette xx

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