Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

...that's what little boys are made of. Is how the saying goes.

I don't really believe in those sorts of stereotypes but having boys def is a barrel of laughs and fun, with a bit of a 'tearing your hair out at the same time' :)

Here is Lachie in the jolly jumper for the first time. 
He loves it, he's so proud showing off as he jumps.

His Robin costume I ordered from etsy arrived from America yesterday. Will had been asking me all the time if Lachie could have a Robin costume to go with his Batman outfit, you might remember from my birthday post that he wanted to get me a Batgirl outfit!

They are so cute together, and really love and adore each other.

This mornings big event was discovering a massive (or as Will would say Masib) tick in the back of Will's head. Daycare phones yesterday saying could I come collect him as Will had a temperature and was out of sorts. I could figure out what was wrong.

He kept complaining of a sore head and I tired to figure out if he meant a headache or actual sore head.

This morning I managed to check his head without too much complaining and there burrowed in was a 'Masib' tick! Yuck! I quickly extracted it and we put it in a tic tac box to analyse it.

It would have been on him since Saturday when Glen and Will went for a walk in the national park!

Will is now saying 'Poooooor Will' and 'That naughty tick did bite me Lachie!'.

Have a great day,
Janette xx


  1. Ohhh poor little guy, horrible nasty tick :( Your boys are absolutely gorgeous Janette. And I agree, they're definitely high energy, but so much fun & entertainment :) Hope Will recovers quickly from his yucky encounter xo

  2. So lucky you found it. But yes it's Masib and yucky. That robin outfit is too cute and I am thinking we may need a little batgirl outfit to go with our batman here.

  3. The Batman costume is adorable! Poor Will, what a nasty little tick!


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