Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today is.... birthday.

I've had a lovely birthday so far and I've only been awake for 2hours!

 Will and Glen came in with coffee and these flowers that they had picked from the garden.

 Then they gave me a card and pressies - please excuse the bed hair, pj's, no makeup, half asleep look.  (See Will's upset face? Glen had just told him to stop ripping open my birthday present).

How special are handmade cards... Will drew the picture on the front. The dark blue area is Bat Girl. Will wanted to get me a Batgirl outfit for my birthday (as I got him a Batman costume recently and apparently I'm Batgirl, Lachie is Robin and Glen is Electro). I told him I didn't think they made Batgirl costumes for mummies. He was insistent that they do :)

 On the inside Glen had cut out a picture of Lachie as his contribution to the card - so sweet!

Then I got spoilt with some bits and pieces, new jeans, two new necklaces, two scratchies (no luck this time) and a box of yummy Lindt chocolate!

My main present hasn't arrived yet... you wouldn't think I'd be asking for a vacuum cleaner for my birthday but it's not just any vacuum cleaner it's the LG Roboking and the above image from their website is how I now envisage my cleaning time will be spent! Hahaha!

I'm going to enjoy the day with my two little munchkins. Sue (my sister-in-law and My Sweet Prints employee extraordinaire) is taking us out for morning tea then Mum and Dad are coming over in the afternoon and looking after the boys and I'm meeting Glen in the city. We'll be going out for our first dinner, just the two of us, in over 6months! Yaaaa hooooo!

Have a great day!
Janette xx


  1. Happy birthday darling Janette!!
    Lots of lovely presents and plans for the day.
    Love the photos.
    Have a great day. xx

  2. Oh Happy Happy Birthday Janette! What a lovely start to your day with those gorgeous boys. Beautiful pressies & special've made out with a hefty loot :) Enjoy your romantic dinner tonight, I love our rare date nights, so much fun. Beautiful pics too by the way xo

  3. Happy Birthday Janette! I hope you have the best day ever!

  4. Happy birthday and all the best.

  5. Happy birthday sweetie!! Hope your lovely morning has been followed up with an equally lovely day. Enjoy your night out with Glen. Love seeing the photos of your birthday morning x

  6. Happy Birthday hope you have a fabulous day and great evening out with Glen, Deb

  7. I hope you have had a wonderful day! Love these pics and Will's face especially! That's so cute :)

  8. Happy Birthday to you, enjoy your special night out.x


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