Monday, August 27, 2012

The week that was...

It was a week of ups and downs:

Ups... Enjoying the sunshine, slightly warmer weather, the beautiful flowers in the garden and having the cubby back up in our new yard.

Downs... Lachie very sick with Acute Bronchiolitis, two Dr visits, two hospital visits in the space of five days and not much sleep.

This week im hoping for some more sun, health for my boys, that I'll finish the upgrade of the My Sweet Prints website and launch the new designs I have waiting in the wings!

How was your week???


  1. Oh Janette, that would be so traumatic for you. I do hope this will be a better week for you and Lachie. My week last week was tragic. We found out that my dad has a brain tumor and a mass on his lung. Very hard to accept when he is, and has always been my hero. Here's cheers for good days ahead. Jane x

  2. Sleep deprivation was the worst thing about having kids, it just makes things a lot harder to enjoy. I hope he recovers fast and you get a bit more sleep this week.

  3. Oh no, poor Lachie. That sounds like a rather trying week Janette, sorry to hear it. But your photos are just gorgeous, your boys are growing bigger & bigger all the time & so adorable too. We have had a yucky cold/flu bug the last few days also, it's tough xo

  4. Oh Janette, you poor darling. This winter has been a shocker for bad health and acute bronchiolitis is the absolute pits. I really feel for you both. Hang in there! J x

  5. Oh poor Lachie :( And poor Mama... hope he's better and you've managed to catch up on some rest x


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx