Monday, March 12, 2012

The week that was....

Hi everyone,
Boy last week was a biggy.... 
we officially sold our house! The SOLD sign is up and now we just have to sit back and dream about our new house till we move in, in Mid May. 

It's all been pretty stressful when I look back at the last 6wks, opens houses at least twice a week, negotiations with both agents, making sure we have the budget all sorted etc. So very happy we've found the house of our dreams that we want to stay in for the next 20yrs so we wont have to go through any of this in a hurry :)

I've also been having labor pains and contractions for the last two weeks. I'm 35wks tomorrow so hopefully bubs can stay where he is for about another 2wks... Dr says rest and take it easy (not so easy when you are having painful contractions through the night)!

My sister in law Susy has joined the MSP team. And has been working with me, learning the ropes for the last week and a half. She has been fantastic. 

Yesterday was her birthday so I made a birthday cake for her. She requested a chocolate cake with coffee icing.

I'm not a great baker (despite the surname) although I blame my old oven. But I was quite chuffed with this cake. I made chocolate swirls on top and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I found the 'How to' guide on the internet on how to make the chocolate swirls here:

So it's been a pretty big week so far, sorry I've been AWOL but I think I'm just going to try and rest in any spare time now so BabyB has every chance to keep baking.

I'll try and post a baby bump update though.

Have a great day everyone,



  1. Congrats on selling you house! I can't wait to see the new one. Take it easy and keep that bub nice and relaxed :)

  2. Congrats honey..that is fantastic least its a good kind of stress in the sense that it is all positive and something to really look forward to.
    Pleeeeeease try and take it easy sweety....I went through a similar thing when we had to pack and move house...I know what its like to have to do alot on your own...yet knowing that you should really not be doing half the stuff your doing at this stage of your pregnancy.

    Rest up at every opportunity you get...from here on ..anything that can wait...let it wait....just concentrate on keeping that little bun in the oven long enough for him to be born happy and healthy ; )

    Thinking of you and sending big hugs x

  3. Very impressive cake, especially what you've been through. Its no wonder the baby is knocking on your door.Time to put those feet up and take it easy. Time is running out b4 sleepless nights arrive. Soak up up some calm. You sound like you need it. x

  4. Cake looks lovely, congratulations on selling your house, you have definately earned a very big rest, take care of yourself.x

  5. Wow, awesome cake!! You clever girl :)

    You have definitely had a full on, busy, stressful few weeks with all that's been going on house-related wise. You should definitely be putting your feet up as much as possible now and taking things as easy as can be in these final weeks. Sending you big hugs xx

  6. congrats on selling your beginings & adventures looks like for you this year which is fabulous!...take it is easy i know its hard to say but relax and put your feet up now,contractions are a pain arn't they?,they told me ayden would come early having contractions like you that early and he came on my due date so hopefully bubba stay put just for a little longer for you.yum that cakes looks amazing well done:) xx


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