Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our crazy 24hrs

I spend yesterday and last night in the labor ward with the midwives expecting BabyB to make a very early appearance, at one point the contractions were do big and close together they thought 11pm and 7am max he would be born!

All a bit stressful (I just turned 35wks on Tues). So we were given a tour of the special care nursery and I was constantly hooked up to the monitors all through the night till this morning.

Luckily the contractions died down during the night and (thank u BabyB for listening to my 'stay where u are' pleads) and i was discharged at lunch time today.

So nice to be in my own comforty bed without all the monitors attached. Ultrasound shows BabyB is a good size, around 2.7kgs! And very healthy and happy bouncing around during all those painful contractions.

Here I am all hooked up and then sharing my bed with Glen, poor thing didn't get much sleep on the couch.

I'll keep u updated, but hopefully with bed rest I can keep bubs as is for a while longer.

My mum was an angel coming to look after Will and staying over till we got home. Thank u Ma!!!! xoxox


  1. You are on a bit of a roller coaster with this baby. Rest and rest some more. Take care and good luck. x

  2. Rest up sweetie!! Baby B needs to bake for a bit longer :) So glad he listened to you and your contractions have eased off but glad he's a healthy size.

    P.S Your new hair colour looks great!! x

  3. Oh Sweetheart! What a to-do. I'm so pleased you're back home again. Sending you a huge Hobart ♥ tonight. J x

  4. Your gorgeous baby is definately working towards a dramatic entrance into this world, rest up & enjoy the pampering!!

  5. whoa! good news that he's happy and healthy. put your feet up as much as you can and cross your legs!!!! Jane x

  6. What a rollercoaster!

    Rest up as much as possible - hard with a toddler at home, I know!

  7. Oh Baby B, why are you giving mum & dad worries?! Stay in there for a little longer, I know you must be super excited to meet everyone, but get a little bit more meat on your bones first!

  8. Hope you are getting lots of rest, love, and spoiling sweet girl! Take it easy and it is always good to know that baby B is a great weight and very healthy:) As a Mum of a premmie bub, knowing ahead of time that they are all healthy will stand them in very good stead :) I just know that everything will be fine...I think that little bubba of yours is so looking forward to having cuddles from his Mama, Papa and gorgeous big brother. Sending all my love ~ xx

  9. How eventful, hope you are feeling ok, can rest and Baby B stays in there a little longer. Good to hear bubs is doing well though. Look after yourself. Gx


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