Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Favourite Oscars gowns

I thought I'd post my fav Oscars gowns today - I love seeing all the pretty dresses, jewels and hairstyles on the redcarpet. So I've chosen my top 5 favourite dresses...

Gwyneth looked stunning, very statuesque in this white caped gown. I thought her hair and silver cuff were perfect in finishing off the outfit.

Emma stone looked beautiful, very classic and I just really like her as an actress. But as soon as I saw her dress I thought of Nicole Kidman's dress from a few years ago so googled 'Emma Stone Nicole Kidman dress' and sure enough...
I prefer Emma's version with the waist band. Which version do you prefer? 
And I just love to see women embracing their pale skin - because I've got pale skin too :)

 J.Lo's general style is a bit too showy/blingy for me but I loved this gown, embracing her curves and I like the way the lines of the dress work.

 I thought Natalie Portman looked gorgeous. This is my style of dress/jewels etc. It's probably not 'Oscar-y' enough but it's quite old-school. You can picture the 1950's starlets in something like this can't you.

But my favourite dress was Penelope Cruz's grey/blue off the shoulder dress.
This would be the dress I'd choose to wear if I could pick one for myself. As you can tell I like the old Hollywood classic styles.

Images via here except the Nicole vs Emma one via here

Which dress was your favourite? 

And what did you think about Ange sticking her leg out like that in EVERY single photo? 
Not to my liking (but maybe I'm just jealous, hehehe).

Have a very glam day everyone,


  1. I didn't see the Oscars so thanks for the little summary of fashion for me :) Gwenyth looks stunning above, what a gorgeous dress. I'd never go for something with a cape but it looks amazing on her! I definitely love the steely blue dress too - classic and elegant. It's my favourite out of all the ones above and something I would love to wear. I like Emma Stone's version of the Nicole dress too - the waistband helped to shape it more I think. JLo's dress is a bit revealing for me :) and as for Angelina's leg pose - I think she would have looked much more elegant without sticking it out like that :)

  2. I didn't see any either but am off to google images as curious now.. Ange does look strange but yes I reckon I am a tad jealous of those pins of hers!! xx


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