Friday, January 13, 2012

Sneak Peek of Will's new room

It's coming together now and nearly ready for him to move into his new 'big boy' room! Hopefully he'll have his first sleep in his new room tomorrow night then I'll share the finished photos.

But here is a little sneak peek in the meantime...

Have a lovely Friday,


  1. What fab snippets. I love what I see. We used to have one of those cabinets in our bathroom when I was a kid. Very funky. I look forward to the big reveal!

  2. i love the colours. it sure does look like an adventure!

  3. It all looks wonderful from the little sneek peeks you've shared. Is that a vintage poster. I've been looking at vintage travel posters for our living room lately. Will look forward to more photos. Hope Will enjoys his new space xx

  4. Such a tease! can't wait to see the final product

  5. Burst bubble again! You are great at kid's rooms Janette. I see we have the same taste in cabinets too! Parallel lives...

    Licks illy


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