Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nudists seem less crazy...

This poster makes me laugh and totally resonates with me lately.

You see, Will is toilet training so his itsy bitsy teeny weeny undies, daycare sheets, lots of trousers and shorts are constantly being washed.

But if I think I'm busy washing now, I don't want to think about the washing load when Baby B arrives! :) When are they going to create robot housekeepers like Rosie on The Jetsons?

First image via here, second image via here.

Anyone else considering a nudist colony? :) Hehehe


  1. I'm going through toilet training with #3 at the moment - this resonates!! And makes me laugh :-)

  2. How funny! Yes, definitely more washing when #2 comes along. It's rare if I have a day without washing. Grace wears knickers pretty much full time now except for bed or if we're going on a long trip. On Sunday we arrived at my mother-in-laws for lunch only to discover Grace was bare-bummed :)

  3. Hahaha, oh how this poster speaks to me right now. I want one on the laundry door. Our baby girl does number 3's regularly (her big sister was such a lady). Josies eyes get as big as saucers just before the explosion - even scares daddy sometimes. I am so sick of Napisan ... and it has to be the soap not the powder. Thanks for the giggle, Janette. All the best for toilet training too x

  4. Good luck with the toilet training. That poster really resonates with me... after using cloth nappies (what WAS I thinking!), two vomity babies and the slowest ever toilet training process I feel like I have spent the last 4.3 years with laundry covering my house... does it ever get better?

    That sums up my whole week every week!

    Lickya later illy


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