Monday, January 9, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray!

This little blog turned TWO yesterday!

Gosh what a journey! 

I remember I had just gotten back from our holiday down the South Coast - which we have just arrived back from again this year. And I decided as a bit of a New Years resolution to start a blog after loving and following so many anonymously.

Little did I know that blogging would open up so many friendships, so much support and also just the joy of documenting all the ups and downs in life for me to look back on.

Thank you so much for all the comments, support and friendship I've received through my blog over the past two years.

My New Years resolution this year is to dedicate a bit more time to my poor little blog which has been feeling a bit neglected during the second half of last year - due to the joys of the first trimester of pregnancy and being very busy. And I hope to be able to be commenting and visiting on all your blogs again like I used to.

I will announce a giveaway in the next few weeks to celebrate the 2yr milestone!!! So stay tuned!

Image above via here.

Have a lovely day and Happy New Year!


  1. Well done Janette, I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to it continuing. Thanks for your friendship. ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday, dear blog! May this year be full of joy and wild adventures!

  3. Happy blog birthday Janette and many more happy ones to come.

  4. Happy 2 years lovely...heres to many more awesome blogging successes for you in 2012, youve been such a gem here in the glad we crossed paths ; ) x

  5. Happy Bloggy Birthday Janette, how exciting 2 years has flown and I have loved sharing them with you, the best bit was making a new friend. You are looking wonderful and I think your belly only looks so big because you look so little, have you lost weight? Will's santa photo is adorable he looks so at ease sitting with Santa and your teachers gifts are so creative. I hope you had a nice break and a lovely Christmas. Have a great week. xx

  6. Congrats Janette, I thoroughly enjoy your blog & look forward to another year of reading your adventures!!

  7. Happy Birthday Blog! I just saw your store profile on Apartment Therapy.

    Have a wonderful 2012!

  8. Happy Blogiversarry Janette! Here's to many more! Xx

  9. Happy 2 year's of blogging! Your blog remains one of my faves and I hate to miss any of your posts. More importantly though, I'm glad you started your blog as I really treasure your friendship. Here's to many more years of blogging together through all of life's ups and downs xx


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx