Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Melbourne Cup

One of my favourite days of the year! 
Well, more so for all those years I was working in the city and we'd dress up and enter the office sweep stakes, take a long lunch and then and stop for nibblies and bubbly while watching the big race.

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What has everyone got planned for Melbourne Cup?
I think this is the most low key Melb Cup I've ever had - absolutely no plans :( 
I'll have to stick a fascinator in my hair before I switch on the TV to watch the big race.


  1. Oh I remember those days....good times...now its just me..still in my pi's watching zoo mix with Jacq on the sofa...lol...bit depressing really...lol

  2. Hi Janette, my little Mia wore what she thinks is a Fascinator to school. Very cute! Mimi xx

  3. Very quiet at our house today, I will watch the cup, I think I have been entertaining people at home since Friday. Enjoying my quiet day at home, having said that I think Bunnings might be open. Enjoy your day.x

  4. HI Janette - spare a thought for me in the office, no lunches, no bubbles and not even a TV in sight!

  5. I had to work. I still do not know who won the race. x

  6. Janette, we missed the cup. We went to the tip to empty the trailer and when we got back realised it had been and gone. How sad is that!

  7. A quite one for me too I'm afraid...not complaining about it though- I like the peace and quiet ;)
    Claudia xo


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