Monday, November 21, 2011

I wonder what it will be...?

We have the 19wk ultrasound tomorrow!

And hopefully Baby B will be in the right position for us to find out the sex... I wonder what it will be?!?!?!
I really don't mind either way, but it is so exciting having all this anticipation for finding out.

A little brother for Will would be lovely, but it would also be nice to have one of each.

What do you think? Boy or girl? 

Just today the lady at our local gelato shop said she thinks it's another boy from the way I'm carrying but who knows!

I'll keep you posted!
Have a great day,


  1. Hmmm....Im going to go with boy this time honey...although having said that I was so sure that this time round I was having a girl..but my pregnancy and the way Im carrying is pretty much identical to how I was with Jacq. Either way...its going to be a beautiful blessed child ..and a wonderful gift to you all..cant wait to find out ! Hope it all goes well and that little bubs is in the right position for you ; )

  2. Hi Janette - best of luck for the big reveal tomorrow. I have no doubt you will be delighted either way and will start making plans for the new bedroom!!! My prediction is a girl!!! Either way they will be a great playmate for my soon to join us little one

  3. I think I agree with the gelato lady :) but I hope you have a wonderful time finding out x

  4. Ooooh how exciting Janette, I hope the baby is in the right position for you. xx

  5. Awwww, so exciting. I love these little surprises inpregnancy. Congrats either way!!!

  6. So exciting!! Eeek!! Can't wait to find out... hope bub cooperates for you and is in a good position xx

  7. How exciting! A boy OR girl will be just lovely :o) I'm super happy with my 2 boys, but know I'd be the same if it were one of each. Have a lovely time at your scan, they are such a special moment in time xo


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