Thursday, November 10, 2011

I think I'm having a mini meltdown...

This morning I've woken to the feeling that I'm falling down a rabbit hole.

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Do you know the feeling?

So I thought I'd blog about it, get it off my chest and hopefully feel back in control - lets see how it goes...

So I think the reason for my mini meltdown is:
  • It's Glen's combined 40th Birthday party on Sat night - preparations, planning, cleaning...
  • Our toilet waterline has started creeping up so I've got to get a plumber out to fix it asap (before we have 50 party-goers trying to use our one little pink toilet)
  • Christmas orders seem have started coming in, I'm REALLY busy with MSP
  • Will has started toilet training this week. He is doing SOOOOO well! He's doing 1's and 2's in the potty (well mostly makes the potty, yesterday afternoon it made the white bath mat) but I'm just so proud of him. I think I'm just not in the mind frame to be dealing with it today.
  • This heat is getting to me - my pregnancy thermostat makes me feel like it's 5degrees hotter

Ok so there is my little whinge, I'm starting to feel better already :)

Thanks for listening... and here comes a storm to bring in the cool change - yay!!!!!


  1. Well..the last two points I can completely relate to...little Jacq is also toilet training and do really well...but No2's don't quite make it to the toilet...still he is keen and loves his new pairs of undies in all their bright colours. The unbearable...had the fan on me directly all night and woke up with a bit of a sniffle...still..I just couldn't sleep without it. Hang in there lovely...although I know its certainly can get to be all a bit too much..all these things you list are positive things in your life ( apart from the toilet and heat) Parties are fun, your little boy is growing up so beautifully, the heat reminds you that you are going to have another beautiful child and MSP being busy means that business is running well ...All is well in your world x

  2. :( I hope you start to feel more on top of things soon. I can look after Will if you need some party planning time ;)
    Suz xx

  3. sweet Janette take a deep breath and Relax..moments like these does seem at its worse i'v been there just weeks ago but next week is another week and i promise you it will be better.good boy for will for becoming such a big boy and great news with MSP- its a good sign to be busy ..enjoy the party and don't stress all is good:) xx

  4. I am so with you on the heat, babies and stuff to do. I am stressing about December with Ollie's party, Xmas get togethers, Xmas day and being the size of a whale. But keep trying to tell myself to breathe! But having said that sometimes whinging does help. Sending happy healthy cool thoughts your way. Let me know if you need a hand with anyything and go Will!

  5. Hopefully when you get a couple of those jobs under control you will start to feel better. Crossing things off a physical list always makes me feel like I am getting somewhere. Hugs x

  6. Just getting it off your chest and having a little rant is exactly what you need, so I hope you feel a little better now. Just do what you can do, and the rest can wait. Take it easy, K xx

  7. sometimes it life can get a little overwhelming......take it in your stride 'J' yay for the toilet training.....zeke won't have a bar of it....smooch to you, have to admit been missing you here in blogland xx

  8. Hi Janette

    an overdue popping in to say hello - oh we all know that feeling of falling down.
    You just have so much going on for yourself and take little kindness moments when you can.

    take care lovely lady

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  9. I was thinking just your pregnancy was taking it's toll (as it often does early in pregnancy) but of course all the other stuff don't help either!!

    good luck with the piss up on sat nite!!! haha


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