Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beach House anyone???

I was real estate stalking and came across this little ol' beach house in Palm Beach, Sydney.
Check it out...
 That's my sort of sized pool, not too big but not a spa bath either. And I think an artist studio is a must for me :)

 I love all the shutters and weather board, it has such a beachy vibe.

Check out the window seat, lights, love the kitchen.

Are they heated polished concrete floors? Why yes they are and if you're not warm enough then crank up the fire!

 What a fun loft space!

 It looks so cute and quaint from the front.

 Gorgeous bathroom!
Love all the natural textures and materials they've used to decorate with.

And I love a bunk layout like this, imagine sleepovers in that room!
If you want to see the real estate write up then take a look here.

What do you think, is it your type of beach house? 

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. Hi Janette, its gorgeous, I would love one. I especially love that bath tub.x

  2. Hi Janette,

    It's pretty much my idea of a perfect family friendly house with lots of luxury throughout. The kitchen/ dining is my favourite room. I can imagine that room as the heart of the house. Nice Stalking!


  3. Check it out indeed! Have a great weekend, Janette x

  4. Ahhh SOLD! I would snap that up in a flash, if I had a spare couple of million :o)
    Heated floors... my absolute dream!

  5. Hello Janette

    A beautiful find for me :)

    I think I could pack my bags right now and just move straight in - nothing to do - it's so absolutely the way I want.

    and that loft area is something I want right now

    have a great weekend


  6. Wow! I want it and I want it NOW! Cheers SpecialK

  7. Yay! I think I found my dream beach house architectural design and the pool woah! I want to swim. My dream house has a swimming pool. Wish I could afford a property like this! Love it, it makes you feel calm and when you feel boring, just only swim in that relaxing water. :)

    Lisa Dolson


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