Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stockist in the Spotlight: Minimecca

 Today I'm interviewing the lovely Anna of the BRAND NEW online shop Minimecca!

Tell us about your shop
eg. What you stock, best selling items, what you specialise in.
is the heart of creative finds for growing minds - from art, wall decals and décor through to imaginative toys – our hand-picked range is designed to inspire kids and bring their imaginations to life!  We stock a selection of products brimming with creative goodness from Australian designers and artists such as My Sweet Prints, Nikki Catalano, Forwalls, 41 Orchard, Printspace, Snowfawn and Adorning AL as well as international brands such as Decoylab and Petit Collage.  We have a lovely mix of modern/ whimsical/ indie/ vintage style wares that are both funky and functional - designs that appeal to both adults and kids alike.

When did you open your shop? and what was the motivator behind opening your shop/starting your own business?
We opened for trading just 3 weeks ago!!  minimecca was born out of a desire to find interesting and original designs for my daughter, Eve, and basically my idea for the business snowballed from there.  I was always scouring the internet for bits and pieces not only because it was so convenient, but it was also hard to find products for little ones in mainstream shops that were creative, of good quality and that weren’t totally emblazoned with licensed cartoon characters.  Along the way I found some brilliant, unique and independent kids products and art and I wanted to share my finds with everyone...I had always dreamed of opening an online boutique and now seemed like the perfect opportunity - so, minimecca began.

What is the biggest challenge?
Since minimecca is so new, the biggest challenge right now is spreading the word, developing a customer base and getting our name out there!  Making the leap and starting your own business can be a little daunting at times and it has been a fairly steep learning curve so far but I am absolutely loving it…minus the nagging paperwork side of running a small business.

What is the greatest reward?
Introducing our customers to a brand or artist that they may not have heard of before and spreading the love!  It really is so much fun sourcing new products and designers and working from home allows me to spend as much time as possible with my cute little munchkin so it's the best of both worlds.
What's planned for the future of your shop?
I would love for minimecca to continue to grow and evolve, supporting and promoting Australian artists and designers as much as possible and hopefully bringing with it a loyal customer base that loves our range of products as much as I do.  I have a few little ideas up my sleeve and hope that I am able to develop the business in the coming years and see some of those ideas through to fruition.  Having said that, I am just enjoying one day at a time at the moment...but it's still fun to dream big!
Minimecca are offering their lovely customers 20% off storewide when they subscribe to the Minimecca newsletter (you will be emailed an exclusive coupon code once you subscribe) - this offer is running until 14th August!

Thank you so much Anna for taking part in the interview and for letting us know about your fantastic 20% off offer!

You can visit Minimecca shop here
And the Minimecca Facebook page here
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  1. Love reading about new online shops where the time consuming work of looking for interesting stuff for kids has been done for me.
    Great range Minimecca and thanks for the info to Jarette

  2. Looks like a great new online store... off to have a looksie... x

  3. wow - what a great online store! gorgeous stuff!!!

  4. Oh, Janette, this is a pearler. Thanks for the heads-up - I'm heading over there now! J x


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