Friday, July 29, 2011

New Project REVEALED: Wallstudio

It's live, it's ready to go... it's called wallstudio.

If you love chevron, geometric patterns, bright pops of colour and strong typography then you'll love wallstudio
wallstudio provides the ideal way to update your space with the latest patterns and colours. 
Choose a design and the colour and size can be tailored to fit perfectly within your space.

Where did the concept come from?
Well are you like me and 'in theory' you'd love to wallpaper a wall in a fantastic pattern but don't really have the time or patience to do so and you tend to change your mind a lot in decorating? 

wallstudio is a new alternative!
To find out more and check out the full range of designs, please visitthe studio

I'd love you to follow the new wallstudio Blog

And the brand spanking new Facebook and Twitter pages are looking a bit lonely :)
I'm really excited about my new little project, it's so fun to have something new to sink my teeth into. I would really appreciate any blog mentions or tweets or anything to get the word out there! (you can find the wallstudio PR image gallery here)

So what do you think? I'd love to know!


  1. How exciting Janette! It's a great idea and I wish you well. You are so full of ideas! X

  2. This is fantastic, amazing wall paper concepts in small arty doses, brilliant, now i just need to build a house to put them on some walls, love Posie

  3. That's great Janette, congrats on the big launch! I'm sure it will be a huge success, so happy for you :) xx

  4. I think it all looks amazing Janette! You've done a great job setting up this new business venture and all your designs looks so bright and modern.

  5. congratulations gorgeous girl,i think its a great idea and amazing new journey know i'm in LOVE with chevron so i have one of your canvas's already on my wishlist!! well done miss J xx

  6. Looks wonderful Janette! You're so clever! The website looks great and I'm sure you'll do very well. Congraulations!

  7. Well you know I already LOVE it! SO so proud of you sweety and so happy for you...I have no doubt whatsoever that this is going to take off like fairy bread. I will help spread the word when I " officially" return to hugs x

  8. Oh, Sweetheart! How utterly fabulous. I am *so* impressed at your vision and courage to take something new out and launch it to the world. I'm sure it will be a stunning success. Woo hoo! J x

  9. Hello Janette

    I visited, I loved, I returned to tell the tale.

    I wish you all the very best of this new and exciting journey - I know it is going to be a smash hit.

    I also know I will spread the love....



  10. Well done Janette! It looks wonderful. I've put a link on my blog, hope it helps a little. Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelx

  11. How clever you are Janette. A brilliant idea. Perfect for people like me who just couldn't commit to a wall of colour. I hope it is a roaring success.

  12. Hi Janette, I bought a map off MADEIT tonight - i couldn't resist - so gorgeous!!! I Love maps atm! So hard to find nice ones, and personalised - wow - I'm very happy! Also, I mentioned your Wallstudio and online shops on my blog tonight, I hope it gets your product out there sooner, but I feel you are going to do very well with this product. I can see designer stores lining up for these kind of works, great prices, GOOD LUCk!!!

  13. AWESOME Janette, your so clever to come up with such a fabulous concept, Congratulations & goodluck!!

  14. Congratulations on your new project, it's such a fantastic idea, a lovely way to liven up small corners.

    Andrea x

  15. I noticed one thing in your blog that you have done a great job setting up new business venture and all your designs looks so bright and modern. Wonderful creation.

  16. YAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! In NZ -- will have a good ole looksy whence I return but just wanted to pop in and say congratulations!!! x Nicole


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx