Monday, July 11, 2011

Creative Women Interview: Belinda Nest Design Studio

Today I am interviewing Belinda of Nest Design Studio!

Belinda is a VERY talented interior designer and since becoming a Mum, she has set up an online E-decorating design service called Nest Design Studio. Check out her son Hugh's nursery tour - I LOVE his room!

  Belinda with her gorgeous sons Hugh and Charlie

How did you get into Interior Design? (with some background into why you got into it, where you studied and where you worked).
Since I was in year 8, I had intentions to study architecture….I would ride past a house that was being renovated and be completely intrigued by what was happening.   After that I did work experience with an Interior Designer and I quite liked it.  Once I got to year 12, I was enjoying studying photography and the more arty subjects and given maths isn’t my strong point, decided not to include Physics in my VCE (which was a requirement to studying architecture).  From there I studied and obtained a Diploma of Arts – Interior Decoration and Design and have worked within the industry ever since.  I spent a few years working as a Colour Consultant with a tile company but mostly I’ve worked with large building companies assisting clients selecting colours and finishes for their new houses! 
I’ve had my own business, Inside Colour Style Design, for 8 years (which is my main business providing general interior design advice) but after having my son Hugh, I loved the process of doing a nursery that I decided to start Nest as a way of providing easy access design ideas for people all over the world (Nest is an e-design service based on line, so I’ve been able to work with clients everywhere from the USA to QLD).  My work doesn’t really feel like work, I love doing it!
What part of Interior Design do you enjoy the most?
My favourite aspect of design is actually seeing a clients response!  I find it easy to read clients (in most cases!) and once we get talking I can pretty much guess what their likes and dislikes are and it is absolutely thrilling when they say that it (a design board or colour suggestions etc) is perfect!

Where do you find your inspiration?
I spend a lot of time searching the net (my husband would say way too much time!), I like to find different and unique items that can be used in a child’s room.  Blogs & pintrest are fantastic!
How do you juggled your two gorgeous boys and blogging and working from home?
Hugh turned 2 last week and Charlie is nearly 5 months old now and we are still finding our routine so I work whenever I can!  I’m really looking forward to when I have childcare available (Hugh has been on the waiting list since October 09!!!), he just loves playing with other kids now and having him in childcare will help to dedicate a day a week to my work. 
Sometimes it does all get far too busy and I might not blog for a week or so!  I do see clients on weekends though, which is usually handy for them and it’s even better for me because then Matt is able to look after the boys!
Having Nest as an E-Design business is fantastic for me time wise… means that I can work when the boys are asleep day or night!
Can you share your top 'can't live without' items:
Beauty: Moisturiser.  My grandma has lovely skin and she uses good old Oil of Olay, so I figure if it works for her, it will work for me!  I also buy great big tubs of sorbolene and slather that on after a shower (not very exciting or high end but it works for me!)
Work:  My laptop.  It gets far too much of a work out.
Baby:  Strider Plus Silver Pram.  Having the boys close in age, it’s been a fantastic pram so far!
Fashion:  Accessories, mostly necklaces.  My shopping habits have completely changed since having the boys…..I really don’t shop for me anymore.

Where do you see Nest Design Studio in the next year and onwards?
I’m really hoping to have the time to dedicate Nest deserves.  Primarily I would just love to have lots and lots of clients and be providing them with beautiful rooms!

Here is a Design Board that Belinda has put together for a customer. (I think I like number 5 the best ;)

You can visit Belinda at her blog here!

Thanks for sharing about yourself and your work Belinda, it was really great to learn more about you!
Have a great day everyone,


  1. Belinda has such a great sense of style - I love Hugh's room too and that moodboard above she created for a client is fantastic! I am loving these posts of yours reading about fellow mummies :) Enjoy your Monday lovely! xx

  2. Great interview Janette, its always interesting to see how other mums juggle there day. Belinda is Definately a lady with great style!!!

  3. Good to know that with two small kids, Belinda has made a mark in the field of interior designing.


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