Monday, June 27, 2011

Stockist in the Spotlight: Rudy and the Dodo

I am starting a new series of blog interviews called 'Stockist in the Spotlight'.

I really wanted to share with you all some of the shops that stock My Sweet Prints and get a bit of insight into the amazing women behind them. Because it wouldn't be fair to keep these great shops a secret would it! :)

First up, is the super lovely mother of three boys, Julia from Rudy and the Dodo!

Tell us a bit about your shop Rudy and the Dodo
We are an online store selling terribly fabulous gifts, toys, decor and accessories for little individuals aged 0-5 years.  We are continually expanding our range for tweens and mamas too.  We specialise in quirky goodies that are not found in the mainstream stores and feature a lot of gorgeous French products. Of course, we also sell an assortment of My Sweet Prints with the black and white bus scrolls being hugely popular with our customers!

When did you open your shop? and what was the motivator behind opening your shop/starting your own business?
Our shop was born in September 2007, around the same time as our second son, Rudy.  It is continually inspired by him, his older brother Hugo ( who has pronounced his name as "Dodo" from a very young age) and now baby Jonty who has recently joined our tribe.

 As a serious shopaholic in days gone by (ie pre-baby) I was constantly frustrated by a lack of childfree shopping time and energy when searching for fabulous goodies for my own children and gifts for family and friends. I also noticed a gap in the market for gifts that didn’t follow the mainstream and started sourcing gorgeous goodies from around the globe.

What is the biggest challenge?
Separating business from family when working from home.

What is the greatest reward?
Having the independence and flexibility to work around my kids needs (and busy social calendars) and also knowing we brighten many days for little people and their mamas when they receive one of our gorgeous deliveries in the post.  I also love interacting with my customers and actively do this through our facebook page.

What's planned for the future of your shop?
With three boys under five time is limited at the moment however, as our kids grow the business will grow with, and around, them.  I have a dream to one day open a little bricks and mortar store on Sydney’s upper north shore selling our terribly fabulous stuff.  A girl has to have a dream.

Thanks so much Julia for sharing a bit about yourself and your fab shop. Be sure to check out Rudy and the Dodo shop and their facebook page and say Hi :)
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  1. Great idea for a series of posts janette. With a new baby does the business name need to expand? Just kidding. I imagine it's very difficult to turn off from work mode to home mode.
    Have a great week :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Julia's store Janette as it's not one I'm familiar with - am off to have a little browse... x

  3. Great interview Janette, I can understand why Julia is holding off on the bricks & mortar shop...very busy times! Off to check out her shop.
    Suzie xx

  4. Rudy and the Dodo is such a cute shop. Nicolex


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