Thursday, June 2, 2011

The giveaway win that made my day

On Monday when a package arrived in the mail it was SUCH a lovely distraction from the miserable day that Will and I were having. It completely brightened my day.

And what was this package?
It was the giveaway gifts from Jane's 300 followers blog giveaway in which I was the VERY lucky first prize winner!!!! YAY, YAY, YAY!

Jane from Life on Planet Baby is such a sweet, generous and kind hearted person and she puts her all into everything she does. Her blog and blog posts are embarrassingly amazing next to my usually slap-dash posts. And so it is no wonder that after less than a year she would be celebrating 300 followers! Congrats again Jane dear!!!

Here are my pretty gifts so beautifully gift wrapped - it felt like my birthday, look at the gorgeous wrapping and ribbons (Will had already gotten into the light blue one) ;)

And here are the items that I won!
  • A gorgeous Gumball necklace made by Jane's friend Edwina of Little Snoring
  •   A Rebecca Roth green resin bangle - I just love it
  • A beautiful honeysuckle-coloured, cloth-covered lined notebook which Jane decorated with little butterflies (the Planet Baby trademark)
  • A very cool Typo notebook with a map of NY on the cover
  • And last but not least Jane's handmade little ribbon holders with blue check and blue grosgrain ribbon.

Jane asked me to share a pic of me wearing my new necklace so here I am with all my goodies.
Thank you so much again Jane, it just made my day when I found out and especially made my day when they arrived. I will think of you whenever I wear and use my goodies!

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. What a treasure trove of goodies!
    Jane is one of the glittering gems in Blogland and her light shines far and wide.
    I'm sure you'll derive great delight from all of your pressies and will receive many compliments on your necklace in particular.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  2. What a gorgeous selection of items. When I saw the photo on Jane's blog of all the parcels wrapped so prettily, I just knew you would love them when they arrived. So glad such a lovely blogger won Jane's wonderful giveaway xx

    P.S Hope Will's ear infection is starting to clear up, poor little love.

  3. How lovely!! Jane is a gem and I have to admit it too, she puts me to shame with her indepth blog posts! Enjoy your goodies - it must have felt like Christmas!

  4. Oh how lovely. I love the effort Jane went to with the gift wrapping. It makes it even more special doesn't it.
    Enjoy your treasures x

  5. Nothing better than gifts in the post.... Pop over and see if you want to win my giveaway x

  6. Lucky you, what a special bunch of gifts. Hope Will is feeling much better.

  7. Oh, Janette! What a lovely surprise to find this late in the day with my thick head cold. Thanks for the sweet mention and kind words - I'm so delighted it lifted your spirits. It's so trying when littlies are sick like that - I hope Will has recovered now and that you're no longer like zombies ☺. You look gorgeous - you should post more photos of yourself! J x


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