Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cheese Biar Truck

William LOVES fire trucks at the moment. He's got a little Matchbox fire truck and a mini tonka one and a gorgeous wooden one too.

And lately I've taken to cutting shapes out of cheese slices for him, usually Roary the racing car, dump trucks or trains but this evening I'm pretty proud of the 'Biar' Truck I made. It's got a ladder and everything!

It's funny the things we do for our kids isn't it. Have you cut shapes into cheese or smiley faces onto sandwiches lately?



  1. Brilliant! You're so creative!
    I hate to think what my cheese fire trucks would look like!

  2. This is so adorable! My little nephew is obsessed with trains so I must start doing this for him! Nicolex

    PS The 2 new prints in your store are lovely!
    PPS Thanks so much for popping over to see how my Tuesday Torture is going. Really appreciate the support :)

  3. Oh cute! I have a collection of tiny icing cookie-style cutters which I use to cut tiny hearts, stars and diamonds into carrot and capsicum slices to make salads look pretty. Don't do it all that often though, fairly time consuming! Great idea to help kids eat well and enjoy their food. :)

  4. How funny, that's exactly what I did this week! For their preschool snacks I cut out all sorts of cheese shapes. It was a nice little surprise for them.. I love your new prints by the way, beautiful. Rachaelxx

  5. Never thought of cutting cheese into shapes - I'm not sure mine would be recognisable
    I do do funny sandwiches - but with cutters


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