Friday, May 6, 2011

Pintrest - my week in review

Some of my highlights from Pinterest this week (to see all my pins you can go here): 

 How cute is this caravan! I love the red and blue and the stripe awning! Via here

What a fantastic photo full of such great energy - as I'm still on a royal high! Image taken by the uber talented Mario Testino via here

I would have LOVED this as a kid (still would actually) a Personal Library Kit via here

A very cool idea a crate shelf. If I owned a deli or green grocer I would fill an entire wall with these, how cool would that look with jams and tins etc. via here

I would love to make this and fill it with cushions and have snuggle reading time with Will. Via here.

From my 'Beautiful' pin board, isn't she timeless, via here.

 And lastly, from my 'Makes me laugh' pin board... sorry if I get the song stuck in your head now. Via here.

To see more Pintrest finds head over to Kate's blog!

Have a great day everyone, I'm off to Will's little school Mothers day morning tea!!!


  1. I heart Pinterest so much :)

    The caravan is gorgeous but that crate shelf and the little reading nook are fabulous!!

  2. Great Pins Janette - love that cupboard one and the pic of the royal boys is so natural! Love them all.

  3. Oh Janette, you are not helping. I was trying to cut down on blog time. I have opened a pintrest account but haven't done much yet.I love that relaxd royals photo.

  4. Pinterest is soo addictive isn't it? Am loving all things with crates too!

    Happy Mother's Day for Sunday!

  5. All gorgeous images, love the Royal shot, such a natural one (I still have Sunday's paper with all the gorgeous wedding pics sitting on our kitchen table!!!) And as you know, I love Grace Kelly. Enjoy your Mother's Day morning tea!! xx

  6. Oh, watch out, Janette! It is such a slippery slope - ask me! J x

  7. Love that caravan! have a happy mothers day Janette!!

  8. I love the Royal shot too! I think this is the best of all three of them I have seen. I am only just discovering pinterest btw... Oh my!


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx