Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My mothers day presents

It was such a special day on Sunday (although Will was not in the best of moods, I think he might be getting more teeth). But this was the first year I have received a handmade mothers day present so it was very special.

Will (and his little school teachers) made me a beautiful hand made card with his fantastic abstract painting :) He also did a hand print in paint onto a little canvas with magnets to put on the fridge.

Read the poem they put on the back - it made me cry!

Here is a look inside the card...

And I also got a new 50mm lens for my new SLR camera. Glen bought me a box of YUUUMMMMY Lindt chocolates and a gift voucher to high tea for two! How sweet and thoughtful of him!

How was your mothers day?


  1. Yay for hand made pressies! I love handmade the best too. The preschooler was the cutest on MD -- gave me owl paperclips and told me that they were owl clips for my hair. Cuute.

    Love tht little poem and glad you had a lovely day :)

  2. So beautiful. A belated happy mother's day to you.

  3. Happy Mother's Day Janette! Thrilled to hear you had such a wonderful day and were spoiled. That poem is very sweet! Love the lense too, I have a 50mm on my wishlist too so hope you'll share some photos with it. N xx

  4. That little poem is the sweetest thing ever! Happy MD!

  5. Oh Golly gosh...that poem had me in tears...gosh..arent we just so hopelessly emotional after having
    Just so adorable, and so very true. you new lense..and chocolates are always a you think hubby would enjoy a high tea with you? ; )

  6. What a cute poem. It's good to know that kiddies still make pressies at school for their parents. I remember making mum a letter holder when I was very young and she used it for many many years :)
    High tea sounds divine!

  7. How beautiful...very jealous about your new lens...he he!

  8. I agree with Anna above, the smallest things make me tear up since having Grace :) Gorgeous poem and gorgeous handmade gifts. How cool you've got the new lens, how's the new camera going? Love the sounds of the high tea voucher and Lindt dark chocs are my fave :)

  9. Gorgeous! My most previous piece of art is the hand and feet painting I rec'd last year from Hugh.


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