Thursday, May 12, 2011

Creative Women Interview: Urban Road founder Suzie Atkin

I'm really excited to introduce a new series I'm starting on the blog called the Creative Women Interviews!

And to start off the series I have interviewed my gorgeous and very creative friend from church, Suzie Atkin.

Suzie is the designer and owner of a fabulous online store called Urban Road which sells her beautiful canvas art prints. Suzie is a self taught artist, mother of 3 gorgeous kids and wife to Greg.

Urban Road is Suzie's creative outlet and the vibrant and dynamic style of her art really reflects her personality. And I love the Albert Einstein quote in her store Bio which says "I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious!"

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere...what I mean to say is I am always looking for my next idea. So because it is always on my mind it's like a filter, everything I look at seems to sift through my brain that way. I do love reading blogs and mags too and Pinterest is a new favourite...I could spend hours there!

Oh Deer - Giclee print on stretched canvas

What motivated you to start Urban Road?
Well, when I originally started doing illustrations I focused on custom portraits and called myself "Pop Me". But I decided to move away from portraits and focus on my original illustrations (it's more fun), so I thought a new name & look was in order. I called it Urban Road because to me art is a journey, and my style and inspirations are constantly changing. And the Urban part is simply my surroundings, plus I thought it sounded catchy...and the domain name was available LOL. All of my work is printed on canvas ready to hang, I love prints on canvas (even though paper seems to be the current trend) my goal with Urban Road is to make LARGE canvas prints gorgeous and affordable because often they are neither :)

Stocking Girl - Giclee print on canvas

How do you juggle your business as well as three kids etc?
Juggle is the right way of describing it that's for sure! My oldest 2 Mia & Ava are in school (Kindy & year 2) and my youngest Thomas (3 yrs old) is in day care 2 days a week. So I get 2 days to work from home (as well as do all my running around of never ending chores) and I work at night, that's when I'm most creative for some reason. I'm looking at the clock now...11:22pm...almost my bed time.

Mantel Flowers - Giclee print on canvas

Where do you see Urban Road this time next year?
Hmmm...I have never considered myself a forecaster, maybe that's because I don't want to be disappointed. Hopefully I will still be in business LOL, I am considering going into the wholesale market and I am also considering producing some new complimentary products but no definite plans yet. The additional time all of that will take has me hesitating...we'll have to wait & see.

Mexican Otomi - Giclee print on canvas

You can take a look at her shops here and her etsy shop here. (She offers an amazing deal of 40% off your second canvas print)!

And Suzie has just started a blog - yay! So pop on over and hit the follow button!

I hope you found the Q&A interesting and inspiring - I know I love hearing about other women's creative journeys.

Have a great day,


  1. What a fab read...Great team work ladies :)
    I found myself nodding to ALOT to Suzies answers..especially the first 3...we are very like minded.
    Such beautiful creative artwork..absolutley love it! Thanks so much for sharing Janette...what a fantastic idea to run a feature post like this..a refreshing change that has had me enjoying my morning cuppa THAT much more ; ) x

  2. Really interesting. I enjoy reading about how othr creative types think and work. Though it always makes me feel a little slack!
    This will be a great post series Janette. Hve a great week! xx

  3. ohh popping over there to see what prints I can use in upcoming nursery design!

  4. Thanks Janette...your awesome! Suzie

  5. That's fascinating, she sounds very creative! I'll have a look at her Etsy shop. Rachaelxx

  6. I was already a fan as you know from one of my previous posts which included both of funny that I never knew you were connected before I posted..I am about a month away from speaking to you both about my new project so excited and hope you will be too.

    Lovely interview, thanks for sharing xx

  7. Hi Janette, I loved this interview. I'll have to pop over and have more of a look at Suzie's work. Can't wait for the next in the series! Emma.

  8. Fantastic post and talent to showcase, Janette. LOVE 'Stocking Girl' and look fwd to more interviews from your series :)


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